I'm so confused and I have no idea what my ex wants from me. Please help me understand should I move on?

So I have formed a big connection with this one guy. We clicked right away and started having a more intimate reletionship 2 weeks into knowing each other. Now I do agree that the both of us moved onto a reletionship quite fast.
We had a reletionship which contained a great connection.
(I must add that neither of us were at the best mental state when we started dating).
First week passes we text till late hours.
Then the ending of the second week comes by and all of a sudden he becomes cold.
Everytime I texted him he would leave me on read for 2 hours minimum. I did ask him once why he acted the way he did but his only excuse was that he was tired. I couldn't do anything but belive him.
As the coldness progressed we both figured we should talk about our reletionship.
later the same day I heard from his bestfriend. She told me that he thought of me as too clingy and found it frustrating that he couldn't make out with other people while in a reletionship with me.
Though I wasn't innocent either. The two of us found each other at the wrong time since our reletionship was also based around drugs on which I've got two bad trips yet still took it after swearing I wouldn't. He was mad at me for lying which was understandable. I was in a bad mental state but that's no excuse.
When the two of us talked he said he wanted a break but didn't want us to break up. He wanted me to wait since he said that after a while we can have a talking stage again and then eprceed with dating. But when I confronted him about me not agreeing about being disloyal he hit me with the "I don't mind you kissing someone else"
Now we are actually ignoring each other. But I have no idea what he wants nor do I know if he still likes me or not. I've met someone new but I have no idea whether I should move on or try and wait for him.
It has been an ass trying to get over him so I'm so scared I'll just fall back into liking him as much as I once did.
Is it not worth my time?
I'm so confused and I have no idea what my ex wants from me. Please help me understand should I move on?
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