Why do my ex's friends keep staring at me?

Me & my ex broke up 6 months ago. We went to the same school and all his friends knew about us and they always stared at me everytime I walked past them. A month after we broke up we started talking again, he contacted me first. We talked a few weeks and then he came at my house and we kissed.

Now a few months later we are still talking and I think I still have feelings for him. There are a few signs that tell me that he also wants to get back together. His friend keeps telling me that we will be back together soon and a few days ago his friend filmed him on his snapchat.

My ex was talking about me and he said "You're still wifey" (he used to call me that while we were still together). It's been a few days since we talked and yesterday I noticed that his friends were staring at me at school the last time they stared like that was while we were still together.

I don't know what is happening and why they're staring at me. Maybe my ex said something about me or maybe his friend I have no idea and it's confusing me. My ex and I are not in the same school anymore. I do want to get back together, but I don't want to get my hopes up and be disappointed. Can someone please tell me what I can do? Sorry for the long text by the way


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  • they stare at you bc u still talk to him, it'd be the same way if your friends were staring at him, and I think u should take a chance and tell him how u feel, if he wants to keep doing what y'all are doing now w/o a relationship, stop. don't even because that means he's just keeping you around while he's hoeing with other girls

    • Yes, but we are talking for like 5 months so why are they staring now and not before...

    • he must've just now told them about it

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