Guy says he wants to hang out again but acts weird?

Hi, im the kind who usually overanalyzes things, but I believe I have all the reasons to question this guy. So we met online and he asked me out on the first date, went great. He didn't however text me for a second date after that but we remained in contact. A week later I asked hin out on the weekend, he agreed but didn't confirm back with me about the time until I messaged him on Sunday morning, he said had been super busy. Then I figured I gotta be straight up so I asked:"I was wondering if you wanna hang out again". He said:"Yes, I do, it's just been super busy weekend. We should meet during the week, take coffee?", even asked:"Anything you would like?". I agreed and we chatted a bit more, he seemed to enjoy the conversation, even shared photos, added emojis and stuff. We carried on the covo till today, he remained the same pleasant mood, then I figured this guy doesn't ask me a single question about myself, even when I talked about things that could lead him to a question, he didn't care to ask at all. It was all me asking him then he shared his opinions, if I shared my opinions, he would say something in response but no question about me. Then I tested him by replying with something really short and neutral to see if he would say anything else and he didn't, the convo ended there. About this guy, I can confirm he's a busy person, he told me on first date that he got nervous talking to cute girls and while we chatted he said he's shy. I have no clue at all if he's really a shy guy since he was pretty normal and playful on the first date. What I dont get is, he agreed to meet for a second date TWICE but he's not showing signs of him really wanting to go. I mean if he pretended to be nice then he could just pretend to agree for a second date ONCE then ditch, but he's done that twice now and I have no idea what he wants. What do you guys think?


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  • he could be nervous and not a great conversationalist
    he may not have strong enough feelings to invest himself physically and mentally

  • Shy or not
    Busy or not

    If you're actually interested in someone, you try to engage into a conversation with that person. The way you're putting it makes it seem that he doesn't try to continue your convo. I can't tell how far this is correct given the fact that you yourself said you tend to overanalyse things.

    Maybe it's just your negativity/doubts that's been poured into this post.
    My advice, just sit back, relax, set up that second date and see how it goes.
    There's no harm in trying. Stop filling yourself with questions and doubts. Stop it right now!! Leave all that for after the next date. There's no reason why he'll ditch!


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