Meanings of a kiss in different parts of the body?

My girlfriend and I always kiss whenever we see each other. I kiss her on the forehead sometimes when we are cuddling. She use to never do that. I know that guys do it if they really like the girl. She starts doing it now to me to. I never had any other previous ex that did that. Do you girls kiss your boyfriend on the forehead?


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  • Well, I used to do that with my (ex) boyfriend. To me, it just means that kissing on the lips is not everything. A new couple always lip-kiss since it's new between them. But old couples kiss on the forehead to show more affection. It means that a person sincerely understands, cares and feels for. Atleast, that's what it means to me :)

  • it's just another sign of affection - kissing on the forehead just means she cares about you beyond just physical attraction. kissing on the lips is physical, even if it's just a little kiss - kissing on the forehead is not. is says much more about how she feels.


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