How can I repay my boyfriend?

I've been exclusively dating this really nice guy for the past couple months. The entire time he's been buying small treats for me nearly every time we meet up- on an official date or not. I don't want him to spend his money on me when he could use it on other things, but he's told me that I am what he wants to spend his money on because he likes to see me happy.

I've been raised not to owe others and this is the first time I've been in a situation with a guy that I can't pay back (I don't have the money to buy him things as much as he does).

I don't want him to feel under appreciated or like he's in an un-reciprocated position. What is a good way to pay him back (non-sexually)?


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  • for me birthdays are important and even more important is Christmas. so you can ask him questions like what he really enjoys doing, anything he wishes he had but can't find or what ever, what he would like for Christmas.

    after asking questions like that and make a mental note of all his answers if you don't have a good memory you can write them down when you get home than search Google for things he might want and try to find good prices+low shipping cost. I understand not everyone has allot of money but I'm sure if you try you can save a bit of cash between now and Christmas.


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  • Well, stop thinking relationships as a balance sheet. I get you don't want to be in the debt to people as a principle, but, when it comes to relationships, I really don't think we should be keeping ledgers.

    Anyway, just do little things for him then, that don't cost money. Help him with chores, sit with him, heck he obviously likes you around, so you can just be around him.

  • Little things.

    You could make him coffee, you could give him a massage, you could let him have his way, you could make things for him (socks, if you knit, pictures if you draw, etc). Little things, things which have no price, can often be priceless, if they're done with love. That's why we put the terrible pictures our kids draw on the fridge, that's why we treasure memories of doing the stupidist things together. Love, or at least affection, colors everything.

    Repayment doesn't have to be money for money. It can be memories, or love, or comfort.

  • Small things work very well. I have used my computer to make little cards. Picnic lunches. Asking him to do something he likes to do. An unexpected kiss. These things go a long way.


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