"Seeing Some vs. "Dating Someone"

Is there a difference? My friends say there is no difference, but the guy I have been seeing for a couple months say that seeing someone means testing the waters, getting to know someone you are romantically interested in, and the stage before dating. Dating we see as officially being exclusive with that one person and being boyfriend and gf? Are we wrong or what are your views? Id it different or no?

Yeah, me and him both agree on our terminology.. lol


Most Helpful Guy

  • everybody have a different meaning for those words. dating is just a starting to get to know someone on a different level than just hanging out and even going on 10 dates some people are still not sure.

    being a boyfriend or girlfriend is something that you are committed from your heart and you care about that person.

    seeing someone is usually just someone you are interested in and hanging out a lot and you might be dating with that person too. but dating someone is obvious where you are dating a person but not in a committed relationship!