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"Seeing Some vs. "Dating Someone"

Is there a difference? My friends say there is no difference, but the guy I have been seeing for a couple months say that seeing someone means... Show More

Yeah, me and him both agree on our terminology.. lol

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  • everybody have a different meaning for those words. dating is just a starting to get to know someone on a different level than just hanging out and even going on 10 dates some people are still not sure. being a boyfriend or girlfriend is something that you are committed from your heart and you care about that person. seeing someone is usually just someone you are interested in and hanging out a lot and you might be dating with that person too. but dating someone is obvious where you are dating a person but not in a committed relationship!

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  • I consider both term synonymous imho

  • Seeing someone is not the same as dating someone using my terminology. With the first you're only still getting to know each other, first few dates, and your not sure how you want things to play out. Dating someone means your in it. Two people trying to share in one existence.

  • Souds legit.

  • Typically I consider them the same. However, if I have to explain that I'm in fact dating someone, but we're just not officially BF/GF yet, I might use the word seeing. However, I still will usually follow it with a quick explanation or even my tone will appear uncertain, like I don't know how to describe it because I'm aware nothing it technically official yet.

  • The term seeing someone was established by women. Meaning she's not sure if he's a keeper or not...but she is enjoying the free meals and the good times. It's like a female's code word...or "Womanese". To me its the same exact thing as dating. Now there's different stages of dating.There's the initial dating, up to 10 dates or less...and then hopefully by 10 dates both individuals know if they want to "date" exclusively in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship or not.

  • Jaysus you look cute.Seeing someone and dating someone are the same sh*t, just different words such as."I ran your dog over."And "I'm so sorry! Your dog came out of no where!"If he thinks dating = boyfriend/girlfriend he has a few screws missing. Dating is before BF/gf

  • Ya I mean it really doesn't matter either way, but if I had to categorize it I'd say dating is more serious and more into it that just seeing someone. Seeing someone is where you are still a little unsure but you'd like to experiment.

  • Dating someone and seeing someone I see as the same, being in a relationship, or going steady is the next step when you're actually committed to them exclusively.

  • seeing someone is a term guys use to f*** multiple girls, or f*** one girl with out having to wifey her

  • I'd pretty much go with that being that there's a difference being the one your guy has stated.

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