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How long do you wait to send a second text if you don't get a reply?

Assuming the message you sent was not time sensitive, how long would you wait to send someone another message if you don't hear back from them?

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  • don't do it...i get pissed when guys text me later on during the day when I don't reply...either I'm not in the mood to talk anymore or I got busy,so just wait till tomorrow

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  • I usually don't text back at all unless I'm asking an important question. But if I'm just making conversation or something, I don't feel the need to send a second message if they don't reply to the first.

  • Couple of hours

  • It depends on the situation:

    If I'm bored right away.

    If I'm doing something else when I'm done.

    If it's a new guy I'm really interested in maybe in about 10min so I don't look too thirsty.

    • I think you misread the question...

    • Yea, your so right lol. Sorry.

    • Like others said I won't resend or ask again unless it's really import. I don't want people to think I'm obsessing over a text.

  • *sigh* texting rules are so over-rated aren't they!? :) Just text back after say, 45 minutes in a nonchalant jokey way. Who doesn't like light hearted texts?

    "Beyotch I asked you a question!:)" To a friend

    or to someone of interest: "text rejection lol it's okay :) " if you don't have the sort of relationship with that person where you'd sound needy.

    You could suggest something spontaneous that REQUIRES a response: "u, me, DQ drivethru for a blizzard? My treat:)"

    Better yet, call and leave a sweet voice mail. What a charming surprise!

  • I don't usually send a second text. If he/she replies to it, then they reply to it. If they don't, oh well. And I don't get upset if they don't reply either. Even if it's a guy I'm interested in or something. Life's too short to worry about something like that lol. :)

  • It depends on the nature of the situation

    Usually I don't bother with a 2nd text. Chances are they got the first message and they would reply if they wanted.

    If we are close or its someone I care for and I don't hear back from them- I'm assuming they are either avoiding me or ignoring- and it is kind of an insult. (like family or significant other)

    IMO...one text- two at most (for benefit of the doubt.. )

    don't want to look desperate, or force communication by blowing up their phone lol not a good look

  • Couple of hours.

  • A few hours at the least. I feel like if that person wasn't busy or their phone wasn't dead, it shouldn't take them too long to text back if they want to talk to me. Majority of the times, I don't send a 2nd text.

  • I don't send a text back. I'm not going to bother someone with a million texts.

  • two or three days. you don't want to annoy her if she's busy

  • I don't text until he replies.

  • I'll just leave it alone.

    1. They're too busy.

    2. Not interested.

  • never I just live them alone

  • 2 or 3 hours.

  • usually I don't unless I think they didn't receive it (and its an important message..) then I resend it maybe 10 minutes after, depending on how fast we were responding to each other messages.

  • A about an hour or so.

  • I'll wait forever, pretty much, haha!

    If someone doesn't respond to me, it either means they're really busy or they just don't want to talk to me. I don't want to bug them in either scenario, so I just leave them alone.

  • If we're texting a conversation and they stop, I'll text back 10 min later saying like "I guess you fell asleep" or something like that. But if I text first saying "hey" and I don't get a text back, I won't send a second one.

  • There is no second text.

    The only exception would be a relative or someone I'm close with that have known for years, that I know is usually good about returning texts.

  • I wouldn't send back another text at all. I take it as the person is either busy and will get back to me when they actually can or I take it as they don't want to respond. (This has been the case especially when you see "read 6/19/13" or something.

  • It depends on who you're texting and the type of relationship you have with the person. If your texting your family member, your best female friend or your best guy friend then it is OK to send them a second message if you don't get a reply. However, if this is someone you're just getting to know - say for example someone you have a crush on do not send them another message. If they like you enough they would respond to your message and no person forgets about replying to a message sent by someone they like. If this is someone you're in a committed relationship with I guess you could wait like 3 or 5 hours before sending a follow up message in case they're sleeping or something.

    Just remember not to take these things personally, and just imagine yourself in the situation. Who are the persons you reply to as soon as you see their text, an hour after seeing their text or even as far as ignoring their text all together? We can't all view people in the same light they view us in.

  • Couple of hours

  • ive made the mistake of sending it again without getting a reply from the guy, I sent it like 6 hours later same day, and he still didn't reply. which means he didn't want to talk to me and pretty much rejected me. worse mistake ever never doing it again. someone doesn't reply the first time don't do it again. its rude of them to not even reply and disrespectful so if someone doesn't care about u, they live and breathe on their phones 24/7 but don't have 2 seconds of their time to text you back, f*** them and move on. don't give them any attention ever again.

    • No harm in sending the 2nd text, imo. In that case you got to know for sure, and some people do really forget if it isn't urgent.

What Guys Said 6

  • I wouldn't.

    • Oh .. dumb.

    • Oh...Don't like getting strung along.

  • never send a girl a second text if she didn't reply to the first one.

  • You don't. If they are interested they will reply regardless of how vague or unimportant the text is.

  • 7-10 yrs. If I still remember them by then

  • I think of a text as " I don't want to bother you with a call so respond when you have time" So, I really don't have time limit on when they respond, since it is a very impersonal way to communicate. But, if I took time to actually call then I would say about 2 hours, since a call is more personal then a text.

  • After 2 minutes. They are always on their stupid phone, I know they read it.

    I always text "Please respond", the best one.

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