How long do you wait to send a second text if you don't get a reply?

Assuming the message you sent was not time sensitive, how long would you wait to send someone another message if you don't hear back from them?


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  • don't do it...i get pissed when guys text me later on during the day when I don't reply...either I'm not in the mood to talk anymore or I got busy,so just wait till tomorrow

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  • *sigh* texting rules are so over-rated aren't they!? :) Just text back after say, 45 minutes in a nonchalant jokey way. Who doesn't like light hearted texts?

    "Beyotch I asked you a question!:)" To a friend

    or to someone of interest: "text rejection lol it's okay :) " if you don't have the sort of relationship with that person where you'd sound needy.

    You could suggest something spontaneous that REQUIRES a response: "u, me, DQ drivethru for a blizzard? My treat:)"

    Better yet, call and leave a sweet voice mail. What a charming surprise!

  • I usually don't text back at all unless I'm asking an important question. But if I'm just making conversation or something, I don't feel the need to send a second message if they don't reply to the first.

  • It depends on the situation:

    If I'm bored right away.

    If I'm doing something else when I'm done.

    If it's a new guy I'm really interested in maybe in about 10min so I don't look too thirsty.

    • I think you misread the question...

    • Yea, your so right lol. Sorry.

    • Like others said I won't resend or ask again unless it's really import. I don't want people to think I'm obsessing over a text.

  • It depends on the nature of the situation

    Usually I don't bother with a 2nd text. Chances are they got the first message and they would reply if they wanted.

    If we are close or its someone I care for and I don't hear back from them- I'm assuming they are either avoiding me or ignoring- and it is kind of an insult. (like family or significant other) text- two at most (for benefit of the doubt.. )

    don't want to look desperate, or force communication by blowing up their phone lol not a good look

  • 2 or 3 hours.

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  • I wouldn't.

  • You don't. If they are interested they will reply regardless of how vague or unimportant the text is.

  • never send a girl a second text if she didn't reply to the first one.

  • 7-10 yrs. If I still remember them by then

  • After 2 minutes. They are always on their stupid phone, I know they read it.

    I always text "Please respond", the best one.

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