Follow-up text - No response?



I had my first date with a girl yesterday.

Everything went smooth and actually pretty good, in my opinion.

  • Chat went smooth, no awkward silence.
  • Laughed a lot together.
  • Saw her stare (in the periphery) at me when she showed me something on her phone.
  • She had open body language: No arms across or wandering eyes on the surroundings.
  • She let me pay the bill.
  • Bumped shoulders a lot during walk.
  • Physical contact (during laugh or showing/pointing at something etc): Stroke her back/arm/hand on knee, and no signs of withdrawal, so I assume she was comfortable with me.
  • Didn't kiss, because I don't want to do that first date, but we did a farewell (long) hug.
    *We said we had a good time, before we part.

So withing one hour I also sent her a follow-up message, yet again that I had a great time with her and I'm open to have a second date.

Now she have been online on FB-Messenger 2-3 times since the date.
She haven't "read it" it though, but I'm sure you can read it in the notificationbar and then swipe it away.

My question.

  • Why would you not respond to a successful date?
  • How long should I wait before sending a text again, and what should I say without come out as needy?
Send another message after 1-2 day.
Send another message after 1 week.
Don't send another, let her reach out.
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4 mo
She did anser yesterday, but with just a "Same ❤️".
I mean, no mentioning about second date..
Follow-up text - No response?
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