Is there always a spark during a first kiss?

I didn't feel a spark so I'm wondering if that means we have no connection at all.. Can a connection or spark develop over time? Also, I'm assuming if I didn't feel anything, neither did he?


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  • there won't always be a spark no. You may not both be super comfortable with one another so the nerves could take over and make the kiss not feel as special or have that "spark" not everyone gets it. It does not mean you have no connection at all, there is a lot more to a relationship than just the physical connection :P a lot of the spark has to do with the emotional connection to the person, that's where you get that spark and special feeling from. So yes it very well can develop over time :) just cause one didn't feel it doesn't mean the other didn't. My advice to you would be to build up your emotional connection more and really get to the point where you can hardly keep yourself from diving on the guy :P! next kiss try move in slowly then hold it for a couple seconds, let it linger then pull back and look into his eyes. Hope this helps :)!


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  • I have not experienced it, for me the spark was instant, in the cases it wasn't I moved on.

  • No, not always. Was it your first kiss ever? Or just with him?

    My first kiss ever was with my current boyfriend and I about gagged during it 'cause it occurred to me that his spit was literally in my mouth. And it was all wet and awkward.

    But that was six years ago and here we are all in love and we're better kisses now ;)