Girls, how do your texting habits change with guys you like?

When you meet a guy you like, how do your texting habits towards him change, if at all, compared to guys you don't like and just see as a friend. Or do you even change at all? Maybe you don't do much different, you simply let him initiate all texting related things.

Things like, do you initiate more texts, do you text a certain way, do you text a certain amount per day.

Also this question includes other similar things like snap chatting, or social media communication.


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  • I don't text a lot except for a few close friends. One friend I text often is a guy and I am really casual with him. We both say whatever we feel like saying, use bad grammar and lame emoticons, etc. With a guy I like, I make more of an effort to be refined with my word choices and sentence structure. I think about what I'm going to say before firing it back immediately like my close friends. I don't think the time between replying changes with a guy I like though. I can take from 2-30 min with whoever. I will initiate a couple times if I like the guy. If he doesn't initiate at least once after that, I don't text him first until he does.


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  • Guys I like: better grammer. Take some time in replying. Not too quick. Unless if its urgent. Try not to be too casual.
    Guys who r my friends: I usually start with. Dude! Lol! Instant reply unless I'm busy. Will cuss, n use stupid emoticons.

  • I don't initiate conversation any more than usual (although I DO initiate conversation, I just don't like to feel like I'm overdoing it), I'll text back 100% and make more of an effort to keep the convo going. I'm not much of a texter, so I only text my friends back about maybe 60% of the time, if they're not texting for a specific reason. But if I'm into the dude, I'm gonna text him as much as he wants to text, lol.


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