Creepily Interesting Lists

We all know those interesting and creepy and weird things that we just can't stop reading about even though sometimes we'd like to... And then we can't sleep. xD

Or can we? :P

  • Most Famous Serial KillersCreepily Interesting Lists

  • Oldest Haunted Houses

  • True Haunting Stories

  • Most Insane Cults

  • Most Horrific Stories of People Buried Alive

  • Spookiest Legends

  • Tragic and Terrifying Abduction Stories

  • True Ouija Board Stories

  • Disturbing Things That Happened to Famous Corpses

  • Famous Curses and Hexes

And now, for comic relief:

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  • Those guys at the bottom are legends! I could watch 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad, etc., all day long.


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