7 Ways Pokemon Go Can Help You

Pokemon Go isn't that bad, as many people criticize. It can actually come helpful in some cases. Let's see what those cases are.

1) Helps in weight loss

Please don't misunderstand me here. I'm not a health-freak. In fact I'm a person who literally dislikes anything branded as healthy, and generally I follow an unhealthy lifestyle for personal reasons and choices. But the fact that can make you lose weight it's a fact, since you have to walk a lot. So it's a good way to lose weight for appearance reasons. Notice. I state appearance, not health. I'm the type of person who lost weight for appearance reasons, and absolutely not for health reasons.

2) It helps you to not get lost

Gyms are usually central areas. So you will know about, where you are, if in case you get lost.

3) It keeps you busy.

This might be both good and bad. It can be good if you had some bad habit/obsession before, as I did. I was obsessed trying to hit on strangers in public, but now Pokemon Go keeps me busy.

4) Learning statues/churches/monuments names

It can be educational that way. Pokestops are usually statues, churches or monuments. So by visiting those Pokestops, you will learn their names as well.

5) Makes it easier to hit on a girl

Imagine this scenario. You are walking on the street and you notice a good looking girl coming at you. You pretend you are focused on your Pokemon Go, and when she is close you bump into her. A nice way to break the ice, right?

6) Visiting places you never seen before

Well, since Pokemon are spread around in various locations, and not all are available in your area, you have to visit different places in order to achieve this. Including places you have never seen before. Just keep in mind to not get lost!

7) You can make new friends

It might be kind of weird to make friends in my case, because I'm pretty older than the average Pokemon Goer (I will turn 25 this year, and most are aged 15-18). But it's not a bad way to make new friends since you could interact with someone.


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  • The visiting new places is a huge let down since you're still stuck in the city. You can't look for pokemon out in the woods because none of them spawn there. -_-

    • I found some in a park in my area. Although GPS doesn't always work.

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    • lel I would if I lived in a major city. :D

    • Yes it's best to save up a lot of pokemon and then evolve them all once you activate a lucky egg and I don't think your level is too low.

  • That's why I play it. It gives me a reason to go outside :)

  • I'm 33, and I've made a ton of new friends in the 25-37 year old range by playing the game.

  • Nice myTake!

  • Wow, you know what other activity involves doing what you said? Traveling to other countries. It's sad that it takes a video game to help people leave their house and lose weight. No wonder people in the US are so obese.

    • If someone again assumes I'm an American, I will cut off my balls and eat them.

  • Yes, these are good reasons to play Pokemon Go. Good take.

  • I don't agree and the game isn't safe to play

    • Except with the weight loss point

    • You understand I don't promote "health" right?

    • Yeah that game really is not safe people don't watch where they are going. All Your info is also given out to them. Also I pretty sure their is going to be a hacker soon who will hack into Pokemon go and still your info same as what happen to playstation

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