5 Of My Least Favourite Celebrities (ADD YOURS)

5) Kanye West

Nobody should be this talentless and make millions from it.

4) Selena Gomez

Somehow being the ditzy Disney girl who dated Justin Bieber makes it okay for someone without a morsel of musical talent be considered a singer.

3) Ariana Grande

Being statured like a 12 year old and having the voice of an oxygen deprived mouse makes Grande feel entitled to fame.

2) Zendaya

Yet another idiotic former Disney star that believes she's fantastic.

1) Taylor Swift

Nobody, and I mean nobody, could dislike Taylor Swift more than I do.

Except maybe #5.

Please leave below your least favourite celebrities!

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What Guys Said 25

  • Gene Simmons says that he thinks suicidal people are pussy's who should just jump because the world is better off without them.
    As someone who has tried to kill themselves twice, I think the world would be better off without gene simmons,
    Plus he is a mediocre bassist

  • "Nobody should be this talentless and make millions from it."

    Sadly, it seems I'm saying that for just about every celebrity I stumble across today. 'sigh'

    I suppose Taylor can sing (sort of) but she's been jammed down our throats for so many years that it's hard not to be sick of her. The rest, I don't really know anything about; I don't follow pop culture much.

  • Finally... someone that doesn't like Taylor Swift! I don't hate her, but I certainly don't understand her popularity at all. What is so great about her exactly? It's not her singing. Far better out there that don't get 1/2 the recognition she gets. Just don't get it lol.

  • Kanye talentless? Your opinion is invalid. Is he a dick, yes, but to say he's talentless is asinine 😂

    Johnny depp- plays the same character every time. He's not that great
    Seth rogan- kinda a douche and only talks about weed, although his new movie looks funny as hell
    Tom Brady and/or belichick- cheaters and dickheads

    That's pretty much it

    • What gives you the impression Kanye West has talent? Lol

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    • Yet you go around vomiting "they're overrated" when you don't know shit about them and why they are recognized. Also, being a condescending ass doesn't help your points or opinions, it just makes it worst because you're going from "that's my opinion" to "I know better than you motherfuckers" and makes you sound as a very pretentious angsty teen. Drop the superiority complex por favor.

    • Bruh @Other_Tommy_Wiseau you forgot love lockdown. :P

  • Taylor Swift definitely tops my list also. If we're counting politicians as celebrities I absolutely can not stand Hillary Clinton. Sorry if we were trying to avoid politics but they are constantly on TV and they are obviously well know so I'd say in a sense they are celebs.

  • How on earth did they and people like them got popular? Must be (some kind of) a talent or sheer luck.

  • I agree on Taylor Swift being No.1, definitely. I do like Selena and feel like she's a lot better than the other former Disneyatti queens. Ariana Grande is AWFUL, definitely agree. We talked all summer back in 2013 and she is an absolute BEYOTCH.

    Mine are:
    Seth Rogan
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Melissa McCarthy (she has a penchant for crude movies like Seth Rogan)
    Iggy Azalea

  • Every famous kardashian.

    Except the one married to scott. She actually seems like a nice person who doesn't actually enjoy her families celebrity status

  • *Sees Ariana Grande on your list*

    • Okay here are my opinions on your list

      Kanye West: His attitude bothers me. If he didn't act like "Oh im the greatest of all time" I would like him better because his music isn't bad
      Selena Gomez: Can't sing at all
      Ariana Grande: She's a realllly good singer. I know she has really crappy pop songs, but the rest of her album is good.
      Zendaya: She's a good dancer and she's good looking. But I have only heard one song of hers and I don't really know if she's a good singer or not. She's okay
      Taylor: She is really good at writing catchy songs and I admire that she writes most of her songs herself (Which is sad, every singer should write their own songs but it isn't common), but her voice is fucking awfuuuul. And she always plays the victim

      How come celebs like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are not on your list? They literally don't do anything. The people in your list might not be the most talented but at least they have SOMETHING to show.

    • lmao nick offerman is way too manly to ever be triggered.

  • I agree with all of yours except number 2 as I do not know who that is 😂

    My least fave include
    Justin Bieber
    Mila kunis
    Ashton Kutcher
    Nick Cage
    Troy baker (this dude has a good voice, but he's everywhere nowadays which is getting really annoying)
    Adam Sandler
    Chloe Moretz

  • These aren't reasons to hate someone?

    What about Michael Vick? Chris Brown? Bill Cosby? Michael Jackson? Even Mark Wahlberg, who has his own very dark past?

    These people might not make music catered to you but they're not bad people

    • if there's no reason to hate someone then there's no reason to love them. we have standards for a reason. unconditional acceptance is a breeding ground for behavioral pestilence

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    • guys guys guys you're both way off track. this is big brother talking. y'all need to read 1984 and really analyze why the party insisted on calling "bad" "ungood" when they created newspeak. you need to demand the right to dissent. a healthy forum for criticism is important to a functioning society.

    • @TesticleMonster k then

  • Kanye is wildly talented and skilled! Don't let your emotions blind you of these artists' skills.

  • Kanye looks like a young, gay Bill Cosby in that Pic :(
    I'd agree with your list if you took Selena Gomez off and added the Kardashians/Jenners, Iggy Azalea, Wiz Khalifa, Lil'Wayne, Beyonce, Every SJW skuzz bucket, the young Turks, Racheal Dolezal, and that Aziz Assiz assbag.
    There's plenty more!

  • People that I loathe:
    The Kartrashians/Jenners
    Michael Moore
    Seth Rogen
    Ellen Degenerate
    Oprah Winfrey
    Justin Bieber
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Rosie O'Donnell
    Amy Schumer
    Melissa McCarthy
    Every famous rapper
    Angelina Jolie
    Barbara Streisand
    Michelle Collins
    Liam Neeson*
    Jim Carey
    Matt Damon
    Adam Sandler
    George Clooney
    Ariana Grande
    *Liam Neeson is the only person on this list whose work I enjoy.

  • lol the rest are all girls this is so funny!!!

  • Kanye West is a no talent racist POS. Kim Kardashian is dumb as ditchwater. Taylor Swift is a twerp. Mariah Carey is a diva POS and I'd have to say that Justin
    Beiber is a broke dicked little Momma's boy faggot.

  • How about a vast majority of the entertainment industry in general?

  • a. George clooney
    b. Angelina Jolie
    c. Sidharth malhotra
    d. Channing tatum
    e. Zayn Malik

  • Ian sommerhalder, Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum, bad actors and are ugly tbh.

    Sidharth malhotra too (in India) , good looking but pathetic actor

  • Kanye is not talentless. That's just crazy. The rest I can agree with.

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What Girls Said 26

  • I don't kno grande or the other girl they thankfully haven't took over UK media

    The 2 west and swift ffs not kiddin Facebook newsfeed chocka with those 2 and their families.. these are America *slebs* we laugh at fatarses here we really do... hippo elephant and rhino kardashian
    And Kanye he's a control freak
    As for miss I'm as dull as dishwater swift give that girl a burger

    As for the Disney kid no problem with her she isn't on daily mail payroll so is a bit of a non entity here

    We will take her and u can have our Katie price and all the beckhams

  • No no particular order:

    Kayne Dickcheese West. Talentless, obnoxious, self righteous and exceedingly arrogant.
    Kristen Stewert. The many faces of expression. Oh wait. And her "acting" is so poor, even the mice my cat brings in are better actors. Even when dead. They are more emotive.
    The entire Kardashian/Jenner clan.
    Adam Sandler. He's not funny, he's not a good actor and he churns out shit film after shit film. "How about I pretend to be a golfer who has a love problem?" "How about I pretend to be a stay at home with a love problem?" "How about j pretend to be a wedding singer with, you guessed it, a love problem"
    And lastly Chris Evans aka "Mr Shouty". He's another annoying self righteous prick who treats people like shit. Ginger knob should go play in traffic.

    • Also I have no issue with Taylor swift or Ariana grande. I have no idea who this zen data person is

  • I agree with your list, though I do think Ariana has great range, she does sound like an nasally oxygen deprived mouse. I don't know much about Zendaya though. I assumed she was a singer XD?

    My list
    Kanye, too much a douche to like, even if I jammed to his early stuff.
    Selena (she literally can barely carry a note. I think it's stupid to focus so much marketing in someone who can't sing and even more stupid for people to buy into it.)
    Taylor, can barely sing, can't hit any notes, her songs are vapid (but tap into the souls of millions)
    Chris Brown, he's insane and isn't even that talented. Yes, his early happy self was adorable and fun to dance too. But he's literally one trigger away from punching someone in the face.
    Jennifer Lawrence, I don't dislike her, I just hate her in interviews all the 'quirkiness' just seems really contrived and her voice is grating.

  • Hmmmmm Not sure if I hate any celebrity, but I do hate the hypocrisy of Taylor Swift - she sings about bullies, but she's the bully - probably was one in school too...

    I dislike most celebrities who are Scientologists... they all seem nuts.

    Chris Brown, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen - all those who are rapists, pedophiles, and such...

    The ones who are famous for no real reason...

  • I completely agree with your list.

  • I agree with the whole list. 😊

  • I really despise Jared Fogle.


    We're all allowed to have an opinion, but, kanye? He's so great. Among all the kardashians doing weird shit and being drama queens which I also find entertaining, he's the guy just sitting there and not giving a fuck, only smiling anually..

    I agree with the rest, zendaya is meh to me.

    I'd add:

    Chris brown (a woman beater but is still allowed to be alone with his small child.)
    Sean penn (womanbeater)
    Emma robberts (manbeater)
    Martin luther king jr (cheater)
    Johnny cash (nearly killed a species)

  • Nicholas Sparks because he is a egotistical dick face that gets way more attention than he deserves. Writes formulaic melodrama and still has the nerve to say his books are too good to be romance novels. Someone needs to really smack him in the face with a dildo.

    • You know what it is a good thing he does not admit to writing romance novels. I don't want his crap polluting my favorite genre anyway. I still want to smack him in the face with a dildo though.

  • Kanye West is annoying but sometimes what he says is 'deep' so that I like. I tolerate him.
    Selena Gomez is irrelevant to me. She just takes pretty instagram pictures.
    Ariana Grande is also irrelevant. But she has a nice voice inspire of her horrible music and I like how dark she really is despite her being cutesy. It makes her interesting.
    Taylor Swift is just meh. She's as interesting as cornflakes to me.
    I don't like Zendaya whatsoever. She's so pretentious it's corny. She's the only one on this list I can't stand. She's a try-hard.

    There's not too many celebrities I hate but my personal list would include:

    1. Justin Bieber. I can't stand his face, his nasty attitude or his fans
    2. Zendaya. For similar reasons.
    3. Beyonce is an annoying hypocrite
    4. Adam Sandler is a nasty racist
    5. JLaw is obnoxious, her adorkable act is fake as hell

    • How is Beyoncé an annoying hypocrite?

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    • @Smoothiekisses137
      hahaha. For real. Her fans are batshit which is another thing I forgot to mention.

    • I mean I like Beyoncé but her fanbase is shit. They are delusional af & I didn't used to like Beyoncé all because of her stupid ass fans.

  • 1) Snookie
    2) Justin Bieber
    3) Chris Brown
    4) Kim Kardashian
    5) Mike Tyson (he got away with murder)

  • Omg you have Kanye and Taylor! Who's team are you on then? And I think I hate Kim kardashian, Ariana grande, and Kylie Jenner more

  • Everyone on your list except zendaya, she's ight. Other celebs I can't stand are Demi lovato, Justin bieber, 1D, iggy azalea, the kardashians, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, drake, & many more. Basically anyone mainstream.

  • I dislike zendaya's personality, don't like Taylor or Katy Perry. I find Beyoncé to be bland off of stage. I think Amy Schumer is annoying too.

  • Chris Brown
    Taylor Swift
    Gene Simmons
    Ted Nugent
    Justin Bieber
    Melissa McCarthey

    Thats about it for who I can't stand.

  • Not in this order but I hate them all equally:
    Kanye West
    all the Kardashians/Jenner family
    Arianna Grande
    Miley Cyrus

  • You've met none of this people in person and you hate them? Seems completely logical.

  • i love taylor swift and selena gomez lol

  • thanks god you putted taylor swift lol

  • I LOVE ZENDAYA, but i hate raven symone

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