Meeting his parents?

How long do you wait until boyfriend/girlfriend meets parents? Do you usually wait until you know you're both in love, to introduce one another to your parents? Or do you--or have you--done it slightly earlier on?


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  • you don't have to be in love but usually when its a serious relationship, and it depends on what age you are. in high school its more casual and necessary to have you parents meet the girlfriends/boyfriends. but when your older your parents are only involved in the serious business and you wouldn't want to constantly bring a new person, your parents will not like that.

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      Yup! That's how I feel, now that I'm 23... I want to be certain that the next guy I bring around is someone I'm seriously interested in. My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 5 months... I just met his parents yesterday (it was a big family gathering, though, so we didn't talk much -- I spent the majority of the time with his sister's four kids). I'm trying to decide when I should introduce him to my parents... I'm thinking some time soon...

      Thanks for your two cents :)

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      Yea no problem glad that helped. that's a good time mark to introduce him I would say. or maybe at least next month since that's just a half year mark

      good luck!