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Meeting his parents?

How long do you wait until boyfriend/girlfriend meets parents? Do you usually wait until you know you're both in love, to introduce one another to... Show More

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  • you don't have to be in love but usually when its a serious relationship, and it depends on what age you are. in high school its more casual and necessary to have you parents meet the girlfriends/boyfriends. but when your older your parents are only involved in the serious business and you wouldn't want to constantly bring a new person, your parents will not like that.

    • Yup! That's how I feel, now that I'm 23... I want to be certain that the next guy I bring around is someone I'm seriously interested in. My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 5 months... I just met his parents yesterday (it was a big family gathering, though, so we didn't talk much -- I spent the majority of the time with his sister's four kids). I'm trying to decide when I should introduce him to my parents... I'm thinking some time soon...

      Thanks for your two cents :)

    • Yea no problem glad that helped. that's a good time mark to introduce him I would say. or maybe at least next month since that's just a half year mark

      good luck!

What Guys Said 6

  • I think 3 or more months is a safe bet to start meeting family members. Not all at once, lol. But it's a good time to met a few members.

  • Personally I would wait until I truly like her and we're a serious couple. No point in introducing someone you've known for 2 weeks...might as well introduce your co-workers and all the strangers on the street you've said "hi" to.

  • ine kinda hard because mine lives across the street and I new her parents for along time and when we started dating her parents were ok with it soo

  • 2 years. and still not yet.

  • i did it on our first date because my girlfriend really wanted me to. but now I look back and I realize that it was wrong

    • Ya I met a girl like say a week into it, I came to her house, baked cookies together, had fun. and then had to pick her sisters from school, meet her mom, and then play crib... then she wanted me to have dinner with her whole family 3 days later. I turned that sh*t down like it was the plague

    • Hahah sh*t I had dinner with her family like 5 times man. like wtf?

    • Lol.. like. its just TOO early. Too f***ing early. but like family is a huge thing for this girl so... but having to meet them all and getting to know them and eating with them.... its like. I JUST MET THIS GIRL. there's a chance it won't work out or anything.. anyways. how long should you wait to meet the parents?

      When its past that point that you both know you will be together boyfriend/girlfriend for whoever knows how long

  • If and when the relationship gets serious. I don't mind if they meet casually but overall I'm very iffy about introducing girls to my family, my relationships are my business and I really don't feel like sharing every single girl I have ever liked to be judged and scrutinized by my genetic benefactors.

What Girls Said 16

  • Usually when we're in love or when I come over to hang out with my boyfriend. Usually, I let the guy decide, it's just less for me to worry and think about. Also, it shows his indication to get serious, if he takes you to see his parents, he wants a real relationship. Also, it depends on what type of parents he has. If he has prudent parents, then you might want to wait longer, but if they're lax, anytime would be fine. Hope this helps!

  • He hung out at my house the first time we met, so he met them before we dated. I met his parents the night he asked me out, but before he had. Not exactly traditional >.>

  • You don't have to be in love but it would be nice to be seriously dating that person. You don't want them to meet your man then a couple of months later your parents are meeting another man.

  • For me because my family is very traditional so I wanted wait to introduce him to my parents.

    With him he originally wanted me to go to his high school reunion with him in another city & in turn visit his parents and extended family at the same time, this was supposed to be 4 months into the relationship. I ended up meeting his parents two months into the relationship instead because he had an accident and I had to called them so they could fly down and make sure he was okay. He is very close with his family though, which is why he wanted me to meet them sooner than I wanted to.

    Personally I feel like you should introduce them when you feel ready, it doesn't matter if you're in love or not. Because what if you're in love and your parents don't approve of the guy, then you're kind of in a sticky situation. To some people meeting parents isn't a big deal & to others it is, so I say wait until you're ready.

  • Meeting parents is to much pressure for me on both ends. I don't want to parade boyfriend after boyfriend to them. I wouldn't introduce my boyfriend to my parents until marriage was a very real possibility in our near future.

  • not really...u dnt hv to be and love to let'em go meet ur parents...ts better f t wz before...cuz that would show f he/she z ready for you and ready to do what t takes...and parents would always tell you wts wrong with them...and f ur and love you wouldn't even care to lsn

    so ma answer z let them go meet the parents

    • Haha that's a good answer actually

    • Hope it helped u

    • Is this supposed to be English?

  • Well with my first and only boyfriend, I was 13 (still am lol) and my parents really wanted to meet him and his parents really wanted to meet me. So we both met each others parents really early in the 'relationship'.

  • Well it depeded on the guy and me. When I realized he was into me and I was really into him, that's when I decided was a good time. You don't have to be in love to do, but that may be how you were raised. It doesn't have to be extremly serious to do it, but a week into dating might scare him away.

  • It depends. Usually if you meet them earlier, it's because things are serious, or the person lives at home. Don't rush it. Because *if* things were to go sour, you're in a way getting them involved.

    I met my boyfriends parents after a few weeks. In fact, I met his aunts, uncles, and cousins as well for family pizza night. Might as well get them all out of the way at once! :)

    It really does vary from couple to couple. As long as you don't feel like you're rushing it.

  • nah, I just wait until it feels normal to: natural. I've only ever brought one guy home to meet my parents, because he was like my best friend and I wanted him at all my family things -thanksgiving, christmas so it just felt totally normal to include him and do the introductions...

  • Well not really I met my boyfriends parents when we had been together for 2 months the shortly after he met mine. There's not set time when your ready to meet them do it.

    • Cool. In a way, it's easier meeting them earlier I guess!

  • After a month or two months.

  • I dunno, with my current guy, our parents knew us already before we started dating because we work together so we see each other around a lot and say hi... ha ha. Now that we're in a relationship, it was no problem meeting them right away.

    Generally though, I would wait at least 3 months, or at least until the relationship is more serious and is likely to be long-term.

  • It was never really a big deal to me, we met when we met. It was more of a, want to hang at my house? Then when they got there, they met my parents, and vice versa. Never made it a big deal, and so it usually wasn't awkward or anything.

  • i met my boyfriends parent when we were only beginning to date..within the first week we were dating I met them..we have been dating for two years now

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