A short explanation of what GRUNGE actually stands for

A short explanation of what GRUNGE actually stands for.

Ladies and gentleman, let me explain you why I disagree with the statement: "Grunge is making a comeback".

PS: This does not mean to offend anyone, it's just a little lesson. You can tag it under #NowYouKnow. Peace. ✌

Now let me get this straight.

Grunge is not a f*cking clothing style. Those pics that are posted on Tumblr/Weheartit/Pinterest when you type 'grunge' ? Far away from what grunge actually represents.

Grunge is everything trashy and out of fashion. Listen to bands like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam or not that popular Nirvana songs (not from Nevermind. Something from Bleach or In Utero - f. e. Milk It, Very Ape, Tourettes...) Now that is grunge. Guitars out of tune on purpose, not very rhytmic sound, influenced by punk alternative rock and heavy metal maybe. It is a mix.

So when I explained what type of music grunge really is, let's move to clothing. (PS do not wear it and call it 'grunge' when u have absolutely no fucking idea about its music and just coz it's f*cking cool)

It was created in early 90's in Seattle also called as 'Seattle sound'.
Kurt Cobain (a. k. a 'grunge fashion icon') was born in Aberdeen in 1967. Aberdeen was a small town with people employed mostly in wood industry.
People in Aberdeen did never put an effort into their clothing. Since they were workers mostly. So did not Kurt. And when he came to Seattle, he was used to wearing these type of clothes - oversized faded plaid shirts, ripped blue jeans, damaged shoes (converse usually).
He was buying stuff in thrift shops.
And that style came with him, called 'grunge'. It wasn't fashion. It was : "fuck it I will wear whatever I'll pull out of my closet not caring if it's old or dirty".

No make up as you can see in those tutorials on youtube by beauty gurus.

No chokers or Martens or sh*t.

Greasy, messy hair.

Basically, homeless aperance that wanted to kind of let the world know that it is not important how they look or what they wear.

Music was the most important about grunge.

So NO, one huge f*cking NO to "grunge becoming a trend". F*ck those Tumblr pics, it is not what grunge truly represents.

I hope this message will be read by many people who believe that grunge is fashion
Have a nice day.

PS2: What the hell is 'soft grunge' ??

PS3: Stop wearing band tees is you have no idea who that band is.


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  • Outstanding rant, I agree 100%. Grunge represents probably the last and huge movement in rock in general, after the 90's rock music went downhill and no new movements have been invented besides post-hardcore (which goes way back) that popularized in early 2000's but not even close to say prog rock from the 70's, or say psychedelic rock late 60's, or even trash metal and glam rock on the 80's.

    Besides Soundgarden, the rest of the big four in grunge Alice In Chains, Nirvana and Pearl Jam had very angry/depressive lyrics. What I like about those bands is that they have lyrics about stuff people avoid to talk about and instead of celebrating these issues they make you see why those things were fucking terrible.

    There where other grunge projects at the time that were a bit softer in terms of lyrics (see The Screaming Trees, or Temple Of The Dog) but all in all is a very down to earth genre, and I can see why a lot of people don't like it. Plus, sadly because of this genre, it inspired other shitty "post-grunge" bands like Creed or Nickelback which practically popularized a similar sound and eventually overshadowed the real thing.


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  • Ummm, according to urban dictionary,


    grime; dirt.
    a style of rock music characterized by a raucous guitar sound and lazy vocal delivery.
    the fashion associated with grunge rock, including loose, layered clothing and ripped jeans.

    And if you don't trust Urban dictionary, how bout dictionary. com?

    Sooooo I'm preeetttttty sure you don't know what you are talking about...

    • Basically, its a style.

    • Its also music.

    • Its also dirt.


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  • Why do we give a shit? This is irrelevant even by irrelevant take standards. I can't think of anything more inconsequential than talking about a pointless fashion choice and listening to you complain about grunge. This critique is beyond worthless. Literally if we took this take and grunge clothing literally nothing significant in the world would be different. This take defies the world useless beyond all reason.

    • Then why did you take your time to comment on this "worthless" take? Your comment is also completely irrelevant then.

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    • And its not a long as comment. It took me a minute and a half to write while I was watching a tv show. I didn't lose anything. Furthermore the point was just that our culture tends to focus on stupid stuff like grunge and fashion which are entirely irrelevant for the most part. I'm also not interested in making you rethink your life choices. As I've said this is just to highlight to anyone looking by to reconsider doing something at the very least more entertaining, perhaps even worthwhile. Finally, don't worry, I don't take this take seriously; its a pathetic joke.

  • I wish those two people read this.

  • It wasn't fashion. It was : "fuck it I will wear whatever I'll pull out of my closet not caring if it's old or dirty".

    So if I wore just a plain old t shirt and slacks would that be grunge?

  • So grunge basically stands for not putting effort into anything and making it shit on purpose?

    • Well. When it comes to clothing, basically. It is just a type of music and sound and it can sound really good sometimes.

  • Grunge music in a nutshell:

    Upper-middle-class white kids with pawn shop guitars who only know three chords and can't sing.

  • Grunge is not washing your hair for 8 months and wearing the same stripped red sweater everyday until it fuses to your skin

  • Stop caring about labels.

  • Grunge Stands For Shitty Music!


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  • I get what you are saying but grunge has BECOME the doc martens, chokers, etc. It has changed- the meaning has morphed in society as many terms have. But I definitely agree I see lots of people wearing shirts for bands that they don't know s**t about.

    • True that's what makes me a little sad. It's like it has completely changed its meaning..*sigh*

  • This screams of "hipster getting annoyed their trend is going mainstream".

    I won't lie, I have these moments often myself... Ha!

    • Yeah not gonna lie everybody 's sometimes annoyed when things they are passionate about goes too mainstream with those who propagate it doing it wrong

    • What really gets me is when I've liked something for ages and then suddenly it becomes a Hipster, underground thing and they think they're so frickin cool for liking such an unheard of and unique thing.

      Man I hate hipsters... ha!

  • Nice rant. 100% agree.

  • printing this out as a public service announcement for my college

    • Sure hahah that'd be dope

    • and this is why our culture completely sucks. We care about the most pointless crap. At least in Europe college kids actually care about things like world events or more interesting stuff like music, and art, and travelling, and philosophy, and news, etc. They don't give a shit about completely irrelevant grunge nonsense.

  • Someone sounds a bit butthurt...

  • Finally someone said this. Love you girl

  • I think there is different ways to interpret grunge :)) I think it has gotten into a style that looks like kurt Cobain. Like a bit of a damaged style, and sure grunge is a music style and representing the days where they didn't care about looks. But it's okay to wear clothes that looks like Kurt Cobain, and what grunge style kind of have evolved to. I dont think Kurt ever said anything about that

    • Yeah but well, sadly, most people nowadays who try to wear this so called "soft grunge" have no idea who Kurt Cobain is.

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    • Yeah of course it is :) but it mostly came into its fame when Kurt and Nirvana were popular.

    • thats ofcourse true, i hope you have a wonderful evening bye now :))