Work It Girl: Tomboy Style

Work It Girl: Tomboy Style

A vast majority of women live in an era where they are "allowed" to dress anyway they feel like. So much of women's clothing style of the past and present has focused on just being the princess, or the glamor girl, or the girly girl, or the pinup queen, but that doesn't work for every girl and it doesn't need to. What exactly makes clothing exclusively masculine or exclusively feminine? Color, shape, size, details? You can have some of the butchest men wearing a kilt and some of the most feminine women wearing a pair of pants, it says nothing about the person underneath and who and what they are. Some people try way to hard to try to arbitrarily identify a person by what they are wearing, but people are chameleons, especially women. Ultimately we wear what we wear because it makes us feel good in our own skin. It doesn't mean you are any more or less feminine or masculine. It just means, you're you, and that's awesome!


A lot of Tomboy style relies on wanting and needing to be comfortable, and to have simple uncomplicated effortless style, and what better way to do that then sticking with a time tested basic white T. Rock the look with your favorite jeans, a slouchy pant, some comfy shorts, and/or your favorite tennis shoes.


A dress may be the furthest thing from your mind when it comes to dressing up, but the super casual look may be inappropriate for everywhere you need to go, so don your slacks, a pair of shiny dress shoes, a bit of color, a nice tux or suit with some luxe details, but still let your outfit embody your Tomboy vibe.


Don't be afraid to dip on over to the men's section to pick up clothing items that better reflect your tomboy vibe. Hats, shoes, suspenders, bow ties, men's jeans/shorts, military inspired details, heavier watches, you name it. Doesn't mean you still can't mix and match and throw in a more "feminine" detail here and there. Depending on your comfort level, go for a more slouchy, undefined silhouette with less emphasis on the hips and bust, or go for a tailored look that still honors your natural silhouette, but let's the clothes exude the boyish vibe you're looking for.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Tomboys huh?

    Well i like Girls working in physical Jobs, like carpenters or steel workers... they got often a really unique body look... wide backs, thick arms, little bit jelly arround the butt ;) im totaly into that


What Girls Said 3

  • My apologies, but I really hate the tomboy style!! 😫
    Especially on special events, a dress is a MUST have.

    • Ha, Imagine how they feel about that style! Yeah, I understand that no style is everyone's thing, but I think personally its important to celebrate all styles, body shapes, and fashion out there because fashion doesn't belong to just one type of person.

    • I hear you! Can you dress the Tomboy style up? How special should an event be before I wear a dress? Sometimes I go places where I am not sure exactly how most will be dressing. I usually overdress for these occasions. What do you think?

    • @debbiedenise If you're going to an event/party, you can always call ahead and ask the host or the facility about the usual type of dress for the event. Barring that, you kind of just have to guage what you think the level of dress will be depending on where you're going. Tomboy's can wear a tux or formal pant suit to dress up. Anything one would expect a guy to wear to such things is also acceptable for women, however, do take care when dealing with some institutions, especially religious ones, where a dress/skirt may be "required."

  • not for me

  • To be entirely honest I am a bit of an tomboy, I really hate wearing dresses and skirts they gross me out