Is it ok for straight men to wear thong underwear?

I'm talking man thongs here not their girlfriend's.


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  • Hey, you know what? If you work out and you have a great body, who'd hate you for it? If you had a fit body and stripped for a woman, I doubt she'd mind if you had on a thong. However, if you know that you're lacking in the fitness area, I'd leave it alone.

    • Ur right....filthy people look ugly in all dresses, even in suit also..hahhaha...sorry to be so mean but its true.....and sexy people look sexy all the time....either gals or guys....

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  • I really can't imagine why a straight guy would want to wear one; I don't like them at all, I find them really uncomfortable and annoying. But hey, if you want to, and you find them comfortable, more power to you. I wouldn't let anyone else (except perhaps your girlfriend, haha) tell you what sort of underwear you can and can't have.

  • No.. It is never Ok. It ranks up there with eyeliner..never a good thing. Keep the thong underwear to your girlfriend..Please as a good guy. Dont go there.

    • Hahaah... how can you stop people with ur negative comment? its all ok, its all about how you look, just get one pics of yourself with all hair around on your body, then ask anyone do I look good? they will tell you the truth, same for guys also, if you have nice body, clear and clean skin, it does look good, go to brazil, all straight mens on beach they wear thongs, I am 100% straight and love the way it feels and hold me system tight and firm, unlike boxers, makes ur system hanging bell..haha

  • Very funny. But if you love it who cares what anybody else thinks! People should accept others for who they are!

  • I think I would be turned off if I saw my boyfriend wearing thong underwear. I think the only guys that should wear thongs are the male strippers out there and even them I have a hard time looking at without giggling.

  • Only if you live in Europe and have a truly stellar body and a good tan!

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  • No

    But if that is what rocks your boat, don't let us tell you otherwise.

  • Nope, unless your thinking about moving gayly forward .

    • should not do all those things what gay do, mean eat, sleep, work, earn money, shit etc.... I have seen lots of gay wearing boxers also, may be the were pretending they are not gay, be open minded do whatever you like, just make sure its not against your body and environment, be clean and safe..

  • It's ok for anyone to wear whatever they like! Thongs were originally created for men (do some research) If you find a comfortable one, you won't even know you have them on.

    • Very true...i agree its 2008, and world is changing... so don't be dumb shit and go for it....

  • It is never OK for a man to wear thong underwear. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even know where to purchase a pair. In the joke section of a sex shop maybe.

  • Why would a guy want something up his butt? I tried my wife's once out of curiosity. She thought it was funny and bought me some of my own (from her department and from the guys dept. ) IT was a waste. I don't wear 'em.

    • Sure, sure. Pretend it was all in humor and fun. What else were you curious about in her closet? :)

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