Is it ok for straight men to wear thong underwear?

I'm talking man thongs here not their girlfriend's.


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  • Hey, you know what? If you work out and you have a great body, who'd hate you for it? If you had a fit body and stripped for a woman, I doubt she'd mind if you had on a thong. However, if you know that you're lacking in the fitness area, I'd leave it alone.

    • Ur right....filthy people look ugly in all dresses, even in suit also..hahhaha...sorry to be so mean but its true.....and sexy people look sexy all the time....either gals or guys....

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  • I really can't imagine why a straight guy would want to wear one; I don't like them at all, I find them really uncomfortable and annoying. But hey, if you want to, and you find them comfortable, more power to you. I wouldn't let anyone else (except perhaps your girlfriend, haha) tell you what sort of underwear you can and can't have.

  • No.. It is never Ok. It ranks up there with eyeliner..never a good thing. Keep the thong underwear to your girlfriend..Please as a good guy. Dont go there.

    • Hahaah... how can you stop people with ur negative comment? its all ok, its all about how you look, just get one pics of yourself with all hair around on your body, then ask anyone do I look good? they will tell you the truth, same for guys also, if you have nice body, clear and clean skin, it does look good, go to brazil, all straight mens on beach they wear thongs, I am 100% straight and love the way it feels and hold me system tight and firm, unlike boxers, makes ur system hanging bell..haha

  • Very funny. But if you love it who cares what anybody else thinks! People should accept others for who they are!

  • I think I would be turned off if I saw my boyfriend wearing thong underwear. I think the only guys that should wear thongs are the male strippers out there and even them I have a hard time looking at without giggling.

  • Only if you live in Europe and have a truly stellar body and a good tan!

  • No it looks funny lol


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  • No

    But if that is what rocks your boat, don't let us tell you otherwise.

  • Nope, unless your thinking about moving gayly forward .

    • should not do all those things what gay do, mean eat, sleep, work, earn money, shit etc.... I have seen lots of gay wearing boxers also, may be the were pretending they are not gay, be open minded do whatever you like, just make sure its not against your body and environment, be clean and safe..

  • It's ok for anyone to wear whatever they like! Thongs were originally created for men (do some research) If you find a comfortable one, you won't even know you have them on.

    • Very true...i agree its 2008, and world is changing... so don't be dumb shit and go for it....

  • It is never OK for a man to wear thong underwear. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even know where to purchase a pair. In the joke section of a sex shop maybe.

  • Why would a guy want something up his butt? I tried my wife's once out of curiosity. She thought it was funny and bought me some of my own (from her department and from the guys dept. ) IT was a waste. I don't wear 'em.

    • Sure, sure. Pretend it was all in humor and fun. What else were you curious about in her closet? :)

  • I have been wearing varied male thongs for 19 years and find them most comfortable than any other type of undies, especially brief one. No wonder how people bravely manage to survive wearing brief underwear daily without feeling actually comfortable.

    I am a married and straight men. Of course I don't wear ladies' thongs (no men should wear any female undies) or funny / novel undies but wear a real man-tailor thong only. There are thousand of them everywhere almost in most countries world-wide.

    For your information, don't you know, as I believe, that men actually wore thong since the time of Adam & Eve and been always thought thousand years. No wonder why people, even those so-called 'modern / civilised' men, think this thong is only for gay or abnormality. Before making judgement, negative or criticise, have you actually try it on and see for yourself in next few days or weeks, or months and years... you will love it because it is comfort and nothing else. Volia!

  • It is pretty obvious that clothing doesn't make your sexual preference. Having sex with men does. Now that we have that outta the way. I wear thongs as my everyday underwear. My favorite brand is ergowear. I am very straight. I have a wife. And we both enjoy our thongs. If you would like some information about getting started and some positive encouragement check out my forum at mens-thong-underwear. proboards. com.

  • I would have to say it is absolutely OK for straight men to wear men's thongs! really its a matter of comfort for the guy. if he isn't comfy in them, then obviously I wouldn't recommend it. but if he likes it, then by all means go for it... its not a question of gay or straight or any such topics, its all about how he feels. I am a 28 year old STRAIGHT man, and I wear thongs 98% of the time. I find them to be exceptionally comfy! and not ashamed of that at all... hope that helps.

  • Of course. Real men don't care how they look in their underwear, its all about comfort.

  • i definitely think so !

  • I'm straight and I've been wearing thongs for 19 years. To me they are comfortable and they make me feel sexy. I even wore thongs to the beach this past summer. Being that exposed in public was amazing.

  • I been wearing thongs for 11 years . My wife love for me to wear my thongs. I wear them all the time. there more comfortable . more men need to try them. men need to try to be more sexy and not a cave man.

  • i think society needs to take a f***ing midol, I am not gay, I like girls. how can you assume someone is gay because of waht they wear. I have many friends that are really femine and they have hot girlfriends. I have a hot girlfriend too and she likes me in thongs, she even buys them for me, YES, mens thongs, I ain't going to even think of wearing my girls undies. like this f***ing counrty is like a f***ing daycare, mindcontrolling a**holes. they say what is right, but half the time there is no relivence to it, just blah, blah, blah. in the end they are never right anyway.

    Anyway, I am proud to wear thongs and if my girl likes it and is happy, then I see nothing wrong.

    • Amen to you and your 100% correct in what you say society is sooo f**ing judgmental and corrupt they make everything for women put them first forget us men, what women don't realise is thongs are NOT originally for women they were created by men for men like the Mayan tribe and massai marrah

  • I haven't tried a thong but as with anything I think if it makes you feel good or comfortable... then go for it. I do think it might be better for certain body types than for others... but that is still true about most clothes. It's a personal thing.

  • If a thong is comfortable. Why not? What about a man who likes to manscape? It is your body.

  • I love wearing thongs but am scared wearing in front of wife. She knows well that I would love to and I crossdress but a thong might put her totally off.

  • I wear men thongs or g-strings all the time. I'm in my mid 40's and have a very fit body as I goto gym and run regular. My wife love seeing in the underwear. The thong are very comfortable and keeps my bit supported especially when I'm running...

  • I am a straight male I am fit and I wear thongs mens thongs and I asked the person who's opinion is the only ones who's matters my wifes cause I do go to bed with her lol and I value my sex life she told me at first she thought it was weird but she has gotten used to them and loves how I look and that they make me feel good and comfortable also she agrees that I have a cute butt and it helps that mens thongs are getting better styled and conform to a man's needs better so ya I am very staight male and I love wearing thongs just as I love my wife wearing them so fuck all the haters

  • Go for it im a straight guy and wore thongs for my ol lady there is no shame in living your life your way piss on what others say or think

  • I do, but usually not to work or with friends. Usually when going to bed. No matter when it is, I really like the way they feel and hold my penis. They turn me on too, I have a boner double the time compared to when I am wearing briefs.

    However, in my experience, it takes a special American women to accept it. European women are far more open to it, and many European women actually like it.

    • Well I am a straight man, and only wears thongs and g-strings from last 5-6 years, once your use to it its very comfortable, because gay also wear thong it doesn't mean that you should not, they eat too; stop eating? who the heck says its not ok, I have asked at least from 10 gals, and they all said yea its ok, but if you are filthy and hairy then it looks ugly, as you imagine a hairy gal wearing thong, you will never go near to her, at least I won't, so be fit and clean, nobody can stop you.

  • Well it depends if your wearing them because there's something between your butt or you love the comfort. I bought one the other week and I love it(because the comfort) and I'm not gay/bi. I'd never wear it to work or hanging out with friends or anything but if I was sitting around or going out by myself id wear it. Its not gay at all. if you wear one you'll feel totally different

    • Man you can wear it all the time, even with your friends also, in do it all the time, and my all friends knows it, my parents, brother, sisters all, and they know very well I am not gay, its your feeling, according to me guys have full rights to look sexy feel sexy, and do whatever they want, these people they never wore its so they say like that once you are use to, you will feel very comfortable, yea just make sure its good one, and can holds ur things properly, unlike stupid have fun