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Do girls in general actually like the smell of Axe products?

I am just curious or is it really nothing special.

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  • i think it's too strong and they're very juvenile scents, I don't think anyone over 17 should be wearing Axe or Tag body spray.

    • So it is bad if I use a axe body wash and shampoo?

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    • I'd just use the body wash, your hair should smell clean, not like a dog in heat.

    • I agree that axe is way overkill. I'm a guy with no respiratory problems except a small wheeze and it chokes me out. I collapsed while running once because one of my freinds over did it.

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  • it's ok. I like natural smells like sea salt, cinnamon or pine.

  • I detest AXE, Degree is sooo much better.

    • Why don't you like axe

    • All during middle school and high school, most of the guys in my schools practically BATHED in axe, and I'm just really sick of the smell. At first it was ok, but now it makes me feel physically ill.

  • I actually don't know how it smells, but too much of any stuff just stinks, even if it's expensive

  • When they don't use to much to the point where it makes you sick but just the right amount makes me crazy for the guy wearing it

  • I like a certain axe, in very mild moderation. I think I only like it so much because its the kind my boyfriend wears. anyone else that uses it, smells like the take a bath in it. that's grossssss!

  • I very much like it. But every girl has her own preferences.

  • Axe smells okay if you don't put too much on

  • Axe is good,i like it :)

  • It smells ok to me but he problem is if you put to much it starts to smell cheap I prefer the more expensive

  • It smells good in moderation. Most guys put on waay too much and it just smells cheap and the smell lingers. It's not good. But if you just use it as deoderant and not as shampoo, styling products, and body wash, it would smell good.

  • i hate it because it's too powerful smelling, and then if a guy who is wearing it sits in my car, my seats smell like axe for days...ugh.

  • the smell of axe is nice in moderation, like just a hint of it. but when guys use the body wash, the shampoo, the deodorant, and the spray, and I walk by them, it is like hitting a scent WALL and I feel like I need a shower. pick one of the products to use and preferably NOT the spray.

  • I'm not a fan.

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