Anything specific that skinny ethnic girls look for in a guy?

Anything specific that skinny ethnic girls look for in a guy?

I am an American Male. I am single, well educated. I have a particular interest in psychology. My father, not being a psychologist himself does have a bachelors and doctorate in psychology. So I am no stranger to humans feelings, interests and behavior. I believe that things about yourself can be reflected very much so in your people that you find interest in. I particularly like Skinny women. I also, unfortunately do not like American skinny woman as much as foreign girls. This is because many American woman have to work VERY HARD to gain and sustain a skinny "media sexy" type of body. Their seems to be a vanity that comes along with this. So I really enjoy skinny women who are naturally skinny. I am also a very big fan of small breasts and tiny asses! Sizes 00 and 0 are my friend and smaller size 1 can be acceptable. This is actually fairly common for ethnic girls. Basically darker skin and thinness are big turn-ons for me. So for ethnic girls, who are particularly skinny by natural genetic circumstances, this one is for you. Is there anything you look for in a guy, besides the old, personality and loving and caring for you stuff. I know that you want that, I know that all girls say they want that. But is there anything specific to you, and maybe your cultural heritage? Is there some behavioral thing that you are looking for? This is why I bring up psychology. There HAS TO be a trigger for you independent of personality that makes you want to give a guy a chance. Unfortunately, for many girls I believe it is a guy who is very attractive. But that is general for pretty girls in many cases. Is there a trigger for Skinny women? Maybe a certain size guy? Maybe a sign of body hair, no body hair...smell...look in his

Is there anything that yourself, and other Skinny woman can relate to, that is something you look for in a man? Keep in mind I mean girls that are naturally skinny, and don't have an ED or get lipo suction or work out 7 days a week for 3 hours a day.

Do ethnic girls go for guys of the same ethnicity normally? Is that a hard bond to break?

I am just throwing darts in the dark at this point. So, please help me out here in any way that you can!

I want to better myself and help make myself a good candidate for a loving, Skinny pretty ethnic girl.

Thanks ya'll
Anything specific that skinny ethnic girls look for in a guy?
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