What clothes & shoes make a girl look hot?

what do you think?

I've heard lots of opinions

even one guy said he prefers girls in trainers..

but what do you like?


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  • Any outfit that shows off the legs and goes well with sneakers IMO. Could be shorts or a dress or a skirt but not a dressy one, a casual one that looks good with a pair of plain white sneakers.


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  • I really like dresses where you can see the back :>

    And I think I don't need to tell you what shoes go with that xD

  • I've always felt it has less to do with clothes, but HOW a girl wears her outfits. A sense of comfortability is way sexier.

  • i don't even have a clue as to what trainers are but it isn't the clothes or shoes that make a girl look hot, its her natural beauty without 20 pounds of makeup and a 3000 dollar outfit.

  • No clothes... Joking...

    But seriously it depends on what the girl's body type is and what she is comfortable with. Say in my opinion cleavage is hot, but if the girl showing it with a v-neck isn't comfortable with showing cleavage or what she is wearing then that shows as unattractive form of inconfidentence.

    One thing to avoid is too many layers of clothing, that's not attractive because it gives a false appearance to somebody trying to check you out and it could be potentially harmful if you live in a hot area.

    One thing I like is when a girl has her own look, not trying to fit in but rather stand out and is confortable with that. That is VERY attractive and is something that will get a guy to look over at you and consider coming over to talk.

    And for shoes, don't wear heals of your already really tall, not many guys like to feel shadowed by girls.

  • Jeans and sneakers.

  • It depend of what types of guys you want to be hot for... All guys taste is different but I'll say the general rules is to be sexy but with class

    I'm a fashion photographer and I notice that clothe that is sexy (Show your shape philosophy) but classy and with unique style always make a impact.

    wearing a white skirt (or skinny jeans) attracted a lot of compliment.

    And shoes... No guys look at shoes when there is something better to look higher lol

    Have fun experimenting :)

  • If she feels pretty in her clothes and wear them comfortably, I love it. If I had to choose a tight fitting jean a pretty body hugging shirt. cute shoes and that's it

  • I dig scene girls :P


  • t shirt and leggings?

  • it depends on the guy really,most guys like tight clothes.

    if he is the athletic type try something sporty like a low cut soccer uniform and running shorts.

    if he is more the quiet type try a toned down tight long sleeve shirt (not a sweater) with jeans.

    emo= black cargo pants and skull t shirt

    if you figure out what kind of personality he has its easier to figure out what to wear.

    personally I like a girl in sweatpants and a tube top with spagetti straps.

  • I really like seeing girls dressed like this (how hermione is dressed of course):


    of course, emma watson is smoking, so this might not work for every girl, but in general I think its a really good look on just about any girl.

    if its too hot for jacket, a nice t-shirt that has short sleeves and is kinda tight/fitted, or a wife beater type top can look hot.

    obviously short shorts are hot if the girl has nice legs...I am only a man after all...

    • The link doesn't work :(

    • Http://wallpapers.free-review.net/36__Harry_Potter_-_Ron,_Hermione.htm

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