Baby face women more attractive?

Do men find baby faced women more attractive (large eyes, full but small mouth, a little less defined cheekbones, small chin, softer features)? How about baby-faced men? - Opinions anyone?

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  • We definitely do. I've read many articles on the beauty and physical attraction. Women who have big eyes, small chin, high cheek bones, soft jaw line, and full lips are very attractive to men. These traits are said to be fertility indicators. Only women with a surge of estrogen get them.

    • Hi windchaser, I read your answers to other questions and I would like to hear your thoughts about my question! please! there are only 4 more weeks of school left!

    • Yes, I have read similar articles. I have always wondered how baby faced men are perceived.

    • I remember them saying that feminine faced men were more desirable when women were looking for long term relationship. So I suppose having baby face is similar to having a feminine face. It was very interesting. They say that the same woman can have different preferences for faces based on what time of the month or cycle she's in