Baby face women more attractive?

Do men find baby faced women more attractive (large eyes, full but small mouth, a little less defined cheekbones, small chin, softer features)? How about baby-faced men? - Opinions anyone?


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  • We definitely do. I've read many articles on the beauty and physical attraction. Women who have big eyes, small chin, high cheek bones, soft jaw line, and full lips are very attractive to men. These traits are said to be fertility indicators. Only women with a surge of estrogen get them.

    • Hi windchaser, I read your answers to other questions and I would like to hear your thoughts about my question! please! there are only 4 more weeks of school left!

    • Yes, I have read similar articles. I have always wondered how baby faced men are perceived.

    • I remember them saying that feminine faced men were more desirable when women were looking for long term relationship. So I suppose having baby face is similar to having a feminine face. It was very interesting. They say that the same woman can have different preferences for faces based on what time of the month or cycle she's in

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  • The features you describe often fall under the heading of "cute" which can very often trigger a protective reaction. This can be considered a type of attraction particularly since men are often the provider.

    It's not the same fore guys at least not in the general sense. A girl my consider a guy like this cute as well but a woman may not instantly attribute a desire to protect, perhaps cuddle with but that isn't necessarily definitive of a long term pairing.

  • in the long run they are when they won't age fast

  • Big chins are a turnoff; that's masculine to me. Brooke hogan has a big chin and she looks too masculine to me. Large eyes are definitely a plus and highly attractive. I like big lips. I like to see the lip gloss shine in the light or sun. Big lips are soft to kiss too. Of course lips can't be too big, because then that's not attractive anymore. Also I don't like a small mouth. When a girl smiles, I want to see her teeth. I don't think a small mouth helps a girl's smile.

  • Yes. Its universal all guys like more feminine faces. Some girls can pull off a masculine face, but most need to wax their eyebrows to do it. Big eyes, softer cheeks, clear skin, rounded thin eyebrows. Bushy thick straight eyebrows are a turnoff. Smaller chin as well.

  • Selina Gomez has a baby face. She looks trapped at 16 years old face. I don't like it.

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  • I believe so lol

  • i'm sure some guys find women with baby faces attractive. my friend has a baby face and she gets hit on a lot

  • I'd like to know this too! I still have my chubby cheeks from when I was a baby and virtually no chin! Haha

    • Having no chin for a woman is a good thing. Save those long chin for the guys ;)

  • I always thought of that as being pedomorphic

  • I have some of the same characteristics. It's like I repel men because of it sometimes haha.

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