Underwear smelling?

So all this talk about guys smelling women's undies on here has got me worried if my smell is good or bad. like, what does the normal scent of a women smell like? can girls or guys please explain the scent you like in [somehow] detail? like, I know this might be awkward but I want to know if I smell normal.


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  • Your smell and taste is largely determined by your diet. So if you eat good foods, you'll be all good.

    • Well, I am a vegetarian, that's good, right? I eat mostly fruits and grains and drink tea, but I do enjoy a lot of salty foods =O!

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    • Hahaha, sure why not.

      I probably smell like granola, great.

    • Better than Maccas :D



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  • Well generally I like as little scent as possible, because none is probably being unrealistic, but most girls that I've been with have had a mild sweet scent, its hard to describe tbh, so long as its not so noticeable I'm sure you're alright, anyway smelling a womans underwear isn't something THAT common, is it?

  • So many say it is related to diet, maybe that's true, but I haven't noticed that as important as her, and her natural smell. Everyone has certain phermones and a 'natural scent'. Some hypothesize that it is the 'scent' of the other that attracts us, more than looks, or personality.
    Women tend to worry EXCESSIVELY about how they smell, naturally, or during their period. I ADORED this total 'WORRY WORT' that HATED how she smelled, and she was FREAKISHLY clean, until she got a few infections, and her doctor, a woman, told her that all the soaps and things were actually bad, changing the natural balance of the pH and the micro, that naturally live in the vagina.
    She relaxed a bit, and I thought she smelled amazing!! WE worked together, and when she was having her period, I could smell the change, and I loved it!! It was so EROTIC, though she was REALLY embarrassed!!!
    Ladies, you SMELL AMAZING!!! Nature made it that way!! Stop covering it up with perfume, and washes!!

  • I personally do not know the answer to that question. The idea of picking up a pair of panties a girl just took and smelling them is just so bizarre to me.

  • Difficult to describe smells...

    Makes me remember an Italian movie 'Profumo di donna' : link


  • wellthere really isn't anyway to explain a smell...what you can do tho is send me a pair of your underwear and I can get back with you on how you smell...i am sure you smell good tho...let me know

    • Seriously? or are you being sarcastic?

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  • I've wondered the same thing

  • Like Easter Lillys. Sometimes during the month I smell just like them haha. Nice and sweet

    • Hey the scent of the undies are aromatic most if there is some hardness in the panty area where the ***** exactly lie on it. And then only the panty will smell otherwise there is no smell. But any how if the panty is just removed and not washed then it will remain owesome my experience hehehe

    • Hardness?