Cute cashier?

I was at the grocery store yesterday and there was this cashier that I thought was cute (maybe others wouldn't, but I did). I know she's there to work, but I live in a small town and there aren't that many costumers, so I don't think I'd be much of a bother if I just started a conversation.

Even though I'm shy, I've started conversation with cashiers before, but they were in bookstores or clothing stores, and therefore conversations were a lot easier to start, because I could talk about books or ask for their opinion on some item there. The ones I've had conversations with seem to like me a lot and appreciate seeing someone familiar because the next time I go there, they always smile, go up to me and open a conversation by themselves (and more personal topics), but I have bad luck because they are NEVER single.

Anyway, I digress. I have no idea how to start longer conversations with a cashier in a grocery store, I can hardly talk about food! And asking about how it is to work in the store seem to be a rather short and impersonal conversation :-/

Ps. I'm not over 45. I'm really 20


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  • As a cashier, if you make any attempt at all to talk to me rather than ignoring my existence and pretending I'm just a machine there to serve you, I'll notice and appreciate it. You can talk to her about how busy it's been or what a nice day it is or the product you're buying or ask her about her day- was it long, did she have school first etc. Really whatever you say will be welcome. Believe me, when you spend hours working cash and having people gripe at you or ignore you, the people who smile at you and ask you about your day or even just comment on the weather are well responded to. The most important thing: smile genuinely at her while you're coming up, say hello first so she knows you've actually noticed her before she greets you with the perfunctory "hi, how are you today" we cashiers say hundreds of times a day.

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      I always say hello first and smile genuinely to cashiers. I also say "thank you" when I get my change and "bye" when I leave.

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      Very glad to hear it- you don't know how rare that actually is. Thanks on behalf of all cashiers! And she will probably remember you if you always talk to her- I know I like my regulars who always ask me how I am and seem to geuninely care.

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      Oh, its nothing, you should thank my mother :D I never ignore anyone. When I was a kid, I often talked to the janitors at school (still do, but not as much) and my dad recently told me that after I had a sleepover at a friend's house, parents would often compliment mom and dad on how happy and polite I was.

      Anyway, enough reminiscing. thanks for the tips :)