Men wearing women's undergarments: acceptable or weird?


I'm asking this question as it intrigues me about the kind of varied and sometimes closed minded responses that can come from a question like this.

If you Google "men wearing panties" you'll start to realize how many Men actually do this. Some men do it in secret. Others with their partners blessing. Some Tell their partners but have to do it in private because of their partners reaction.

You'll find many varied and opposing opinions and perceptions from the "general public" about who THEY think would carry out this behavior and the majority of people would assume the wearer to be Gay! No questions!... Why is this?

Well the most obvious fact that I can think of is that the garment is intended for a Woman. However here is an interesting fact, if you look back in history Tights were actually worn by the Man although it wasn't for the reasons that Men claim today. Another point is this. If Women wear Men's Clothes then that makes those Women Lesbian surely using the logic expressed above?

So the next question is this. Who apart from the obvious wears Women's Undergarments? Gay Men?, Bi-Sexual? Men or Straight Men?

Well the simple answer is this! THEY ALL DO!

I'm not saying that all Men do it, far from it. I'm merely stating that Men from all different walks of life and from different sexual orientations have admitted to having a preference for it.

I think the problem is that most people are not mentally able to adjust to something that is "not what you're used to" or a little different.

Some people do not like sex. I personally do not understand this but I do not judge them or think it's weird.

Some people get food involved in the bedroom, I prefer it on my plate. But I do not think those people are Strange.

But then again would like to think that I am quite open minded. Some people might be totally up for having food sex, others might be totally against it or think that is abhorrently disgusting. The point is that everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it but with a little open mindedness if you tried to understand the situation then perhaps you would become a little more accepting.

This will throw you. I wear sexy lingerie for sexual Kicks. I could not tell you the exact reason for doing so. I know it feels good. I know it feels naughty and taboo. They are also very comfortable (thongs & G-string not included!). I am definitely straight and I have no desire to be a woman or feel like a woman. I just know when I put them on I get hard as a rock.

Here is a twist. Some people say they dress to feel relaxed and unwind. Others say it is to deal with stress. Some say that they want to feel feminine. Yet because my fetish is purely a sexual one I do not understand why you would wear them for any other reason! Now that is a major contradiction right?!

How can I say that am open minded if I wear women's panties but cannot understand why they would be worn by Men for other reasons?

Well the ting is. Perhaps I am not as open minded as I think I am. I am only open minded where my mind will allow. However I will say that I am not judgmental and that's where some of us get mixed up. I do not judge others sexual preferences. So why do..
people become so judgmental if it does not harm them?
Apologies I should have said "Why do people become so annoyed or judgmental of other peoples preferences, fetishes or habits when it does not do them any harm"?


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  • I strongly believe that for a man to don women's undergarments represents a vile and perverse abberation of all that is decent and good. The mere thought of such a heinous display disgusts and repulses me to a point of nausea! I do however have a pet monkey whom I of course outfit in the latest designer fashions, and I have recently begun wearing his underwear. This seems perfectly reasonable to me, as the monkey and I are just very good friends, and thus no questionable Fruedian-like exhibitions are implied. Though he is a very handsome monkey!

    • I didn't ask what you believe. I asked why you feel the way you do. Why you pass judgement when I'm not pushing my beliefs onto you etc. But then the response that you have just wasted your time writing shows that you're not intelligent enough to grasp that.

      What makes wearing clothes a vile abberation of all that's decent and good. You throw these terms around yet you do not explain why.

      I feel sorry for your Monkey.

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    • in fact when we talk about whats decent and good offending people making them fell bad innocent people for no good reason that's not vile its just human nature night lashing out as it were hitting back and calling people names like... jesus freaks and saying obscure things like you look like a paedophile from 1983, who knows maybe your right. maybe we should lock up all the gays and cross dressers and brush kiddie fiddlers under the carpet to because there's nothing that's so warped and horrible that it can't be tolerated or at least kept in the family!

    • I'm sorry, but you've taken far too long to respond and the office is closed.

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  • If you've found a woman who is comfortable with you wearing her underwear, don't let her go. You won't find another one. Cheers.

  • Weird.

  • No, most men don't do that. You can find a lot of it on the Internet because its people all over their world expressing their fetishes. A man who does that is a crossdresser and that's not typical. I wouldn't like it and that doesn't make me close minded. We all have a right to be turned off by certain things.

  • very weird... why don't you wear your own undies? they have to be a lot more comfortable for you than ours are

    • Why not wear my own? girl, if you saw the sheer pleasure my boyfriend gets from looking at me in my black silk panties you would understand. lol

  • weird...

  • weird.

  • thats gross.

  • I wouldn't date someone who wore my underwear

    • I don't think they want to wear YOURS, but rather just the comfortable 'girlie' panties. Just guessing.

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  • Women have been wearing traditionally modern 'Male' clothing, pants, T-shits, 'BOY-SHORTS', for a long time. Why do you think that a heterosexual male, liking the soft comfortable fabric of 'women's' panties is strange? Why is the assumption always that he is 'GAY'? Gay guys typically don't wear women's underwear, so where did the stigma come from? It's fabric, that covers you, what does it matter that it is a different color, or slightly different cut?
    Why can't men enjoy the feelings of the sensual fabrics that women enjoy? How is it 'wrong' that a guy feels more comfortable at the fit of some women's thermals, or jeans? Who are you to judge, and say that there is something 'WRONG' with that guy, liking the comfort of the clothing, whatever the color? How does that affect sexual orientation, and what does THAT matter?

  • Both! It's weird, and it's acceptable. By "acceptable," I mean there's nothing inherently evil or harmful about cross-dressing. By "weird," I mean it's at least somewhat unusual.

    Clothing preferences vary dramatically across different cultures and different time periods within the same culture. They also vary from person to person. If a man or woman wants to wear clothing (including underwear) designed for the opposite sex, then who, specifically, is harmed by it?

    Personally, I've never worn womens' underwear. I imagine I would feel very awkward and unsightly in panties and a bra, and I think I look much better in clothing designed for men. But it's your ass in the lingerie, not mine, so I don't see what the problem is.

    Btw you're right, cross-dressing does not imply gay, nor vice versa. And even a non-transvestite like me thinks Rocky Horror was pretty cool.

  • That's a weird question

  • womens panties are for them not men!, it looks weird on us lol

    • I never said they looked good. I said they feel great. I much prefer the vision of my Partner in them. She has a much better figure than I.

      And as for womens panties being for Women and not Men. I'll tell your girlfriend not to bother dressing up for you in future shall I? :)

  • People are usually afraid or confused about things like this and when a person is under a heavy state of confusion people really don't know how to express themselves and mental and physical performance is lowered. So when they see this they think it is strange, they may even lash out and bash you.

    • Undertones of malice there. Nice.

  • that's weird

    • And why would that be weird?

  • I don't even have to read the full article to know that you don't wear girl's underwear dude. you don't have to be a rocket scient*tst to figure out this answer.