Muscular thighs on girls?

Track and field is my obsession. I'm a sprinter, and with sprinting comes muscular thighs and skinny calves. But when I say muscular thighs, I mean like decently muscular. Its kind of awkward because I'm fairly thin, and compared to my thighs it looks slightly ridiculous.

So I'm wondering, are muscular thighs on girls attractive or not?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I find muscular/toned legs very attractive to look at. Also, a woman in shape is capable of doing most physical things with more energy and ability than a woman who is out of shape. Very nice when having intimate relations ;)

    I would be *less* worried about her being hurt as well; a strong kick or knee is a good defense against muggers.

    There are certain lengths of shorts that look good when your thighs are a little bigger than the lower legs, I especially like the shorts with the frayed ends on sporty girls. For pants, the best kind would be the pairs that are loose fitting on the lower legs. You probably don't have a choice of what shorts to wear while running, since I'm guessing you run track and field at school, but what you wear when you aren't doing those activities would help you feel better about your legs.