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Muscular thighs on girls?

Track and field is my obsession. I'm a sprinter, and with sprinting comes muscular thighs and skinny calves. But when I say muscular thighs, I mean... Show More

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  • I find muscular/toned legs very attractive to look at. Also, a woman in shape is capable of doing most physical things with more energy and ability than a woman who is out of shape. Very nice when having intimate relations ;)

    I would be *less* worried about her being hurt as well; a strong kick or knee is a good defense against muggers.

    There are certain lengths of shorts that look good when your thighs are a little bigger than the lower legs, I especially like the shorts with the frayed ends on sporty girls. For pants, the best kind would be the pairs that are loose fitting on the lower legs. You probably don't have a choice of what shorts to wear while running, since I'm guessing you run track and field at school, but what you wear when you aren't doing those activities would help you feel better about your legs.

What Guys Said 19

  • Yeah, big big plus.

    Svetlana Kuznetsova has like the strongest legs evar and she's not exactly grade-C material in my books.

  • Calling muscular thighs attractive would be like calling the Sears Tower big . . not only is it true, but it is a huge understatement. It's usually the first thing I notice about a girl (well, probably because I always walk with my head bowed, but that's beside the point). I think guys like it because on some level it tells us that the girl is exciting and spontaneous.

    It looks kinda freaky tho when the girl has thick muscular legs and the upper body doesn't match. Nothing looks weirder on a girl than when the upper body and lower body look like 2 different people cut and pasted together.

  • I think its very lovely. good for you

  • I vote yes. I think that's what makes skaters attractive. But proportion is good too. If you did some upper body exercise to balance things out, will that hurt your running? Skinny calves sounds like you're running on your heels and not the balls of your feet. Don't you need strong calves too so you get that extra push?

    • Skinny calves, meaning like, they're not NEARLY as muscular as my thighs. But still muscular. But yeah if they were like twigs that would be a huge disadvantage for sprinting =) Thanks for the comment.

  • Anytime A girl take care of her self that's good, not merry guys want a girl that fat and don't take care of herself, I ran the 1/4 mile and the 220 I know what you mean

  • It is attractive, no question about it. When a girl has muscular thighs, it means that she has been working out or running a lot, like your case, which means she's taking care of her health. That is part is sexy. Comparing with thighs that have cellulites or thighs that look like chopsticks, muscular thighs overshadow them all.

    And think about it, a muscular or fit thigh means what? A fit booty! When it comes to muscles on a girl, the only most acceptable parts are the thighs and booty.

  • I'm loving it.

    in fact, I think id rather she have muscular thighs.

    not freakishly muscular, but decently muscular.

    i find it very attractive.

  • Yes

    Yes they are.

    Unless you decide to geek it out.

    I'm not sure what that means, but they are YOUR legs and such.

    They get you from point A to point B with relative ease, don't they?

    Parenthetically, I loves me the lady-quads, calves too!

    Anyway, most of the guys that claim to be turned off by this, are secretly drawn to it and aren't yet certain how to deal with it. They are TERRIFIED of being considered gay if they see muscular women as desirable.

  • My ex Girlfriend had muscular thighs from working out. I loved them. Curvy hips slim waist with full muscular thighs and nice smooth skin are the best thighs. Top that off with toned but slim shoulders and arms and wow you would have me drooling. This is exactly what I look for in a women. I don't care if her legs are stronger then mine as long as she don't care. So I would drool at your body. Be proud of it.

  • its so attractive.

    its great turn on.

  • Yes, definitely! In short, a woman with muscular legs or thighs can command attention when she walks by.


  • They are the most attractive part of a woman ! Some would call me a leg-man for saying that; but truth be known I believe it is the one body part guys are most attracted to. Hips / Glutes / Pecs are sexy too but I believe they do not rank as high as Thighs and Quads ! I love female speed skaters, bike racers, skiers and the like because of the development of their beautiful thighs ! Please don't be concerned about what your body looks like because it's your Heart, Mind and Soul that counts ! I was a bareback bronc rider and had huge forearms, to the point I looked like Pop-Eye the sailer man ; but later learned to roll up the sleeves on my cowboy shirts because the ladies told me how sexy they were ! Enjoy your sport, because your body will catchup in time and you might enjoy the attention you get from wearing cut of jeans !

  • Yes, I like muscular legs. They get my attention for sure.

  • Yes, muscles on a girl are sexy, I have no issues with it.

  • Hell yea! Muscular glutes/thighs on a women is an extreme turn-on, like amazing. I went out with this one chick that goes to the gym and is very fit and has an AMAZING BODY because she works out. Definitely the best intercourse I ever had was with her. Like it was seriously phenomenal. achieving a fit body with thick, muscular, beautiful legs and glutes is the best thing a girl can do to look better. Everytime I see a beautiful woman like that, it amazes me and its hard to keep it down, if you know what I mean.

    P.S. YOU CANNOT just work out ur thighs and glutes tho, you'll just be awkward and unbalanced and other muscles on girls look fabulous too, even though thighs/glutes are the best. you have to do EVERYTHING: chest, back, core/abs, arms, calves, and thighs/glutes evenly, but for women, I guess you can put a little extra on the thighs/glutes, but not too much. I suggest getting a personal trainer or getting a book about working out.

  • No, they're incredibly attractive and sexy!

  • I will tell you in a good and effective way. Use your thighs to gently squeeze the man you like at his waist (when you get a chance). If he gets an erection, then the answer is just there...

    You probably don't know how serious men love this until you search headscissors in google...

  • SO HOT! I love them.

What Girls Said 3

  • I've been playing basketball for 5 years now, so of course I have muscular legs. I hated it before and I thought I looked disgusting, but that was when I had low self esteem. Now I love them because I stay happy and healthy playing basketball, and there is no way I'm changing myself so that guys will like it more. I am me, my decisions, my happiness, my life.

  • I am the same exact way except my legs are from soccer. I would like to know as well

    • I love soccer and softball girls, they have sexy natural bodies and usually are not the high maintenance type; in my opinion they are the PERFECT WOMAN !!!

  • Guys love it. That I am sure of. I know what you mean. I'm a track fanatic too. And a long distant runner. So my legs has some pretty strong muscle. Guys tell me I have got nice legs so you have nothing to worry about :D

    • THANK YOU, very well said. May I add that I love large thighs and hips but can not stand fake breast; NATURAL IS THE BEST, and natural muscle is sexy anywhere a woman wants to put it !!!

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