Why don't girls like to wear dresses and skirts?

okay, I absolutely love to see a girl in a dress, I think its so hot. why don't girls like dresses so much?


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  • I love dresses :)

    It does seem like most girls don't wear dresses though, or at least the girls in high school which I'm guessing is about where you are seeing your under 18. Some girls are just more sporty and just don't like dresses personally, or it could be a confidence issue of not being comfortable with their body. They might think they don't have nice legs, or even just be a time issue of having to shave their legs haha. I've noticed many girls who have low self esteem prefer wearing jeans and jackets to be able to hide any "fat" they may or may not have. Also in high school girls feel like they are being judged on how they look everyday by everyone, including guys, because some guys have said they don't like "girly girls" they think that means dresses. So if you want girls you know to wear dresses more, try complimenting girls you know when they do wear them, whether its you look really cute today, or dresses are really good on you. They'll take notice, and if some girls wear them more often who knows, maybe their friends will to haha.

    Hope that clarified your dress questions :).


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  • Since you didn't really get a girls perspective on why one would like dresses or skirts, I'll answer, because I don't like wearing them.

    1. I like to be an active person, run around, jump, wrestle with my bf. I can't do those things without being fulling aware of where my dress or skirt is to make sure I don't end up being inappropriate in public. It's a distraction.

    2. If its a formal event, I have to wear pantyhose. I hate pantyhose. It's so confining, and it gets all twisted around my waist for who knows what reason. I at least found a solution for that, garters and thigh highs, but that only works with certain dresses and skirts.

    3. It's extra work in the bathroom. Not by much, but you have to remember to check to make sure your dress or skirt isn't accidentally tucked in your underwear. With pants you don't have to worry about that at all. But with dresses and skirts, there's a lot more wardrobe malfunctions you have to be aware of.

    4. It's drafty. If you're not used to wearing skirts and dresses on a daily basis, it's an extremely odd feeling have a breeze all the way up there. It's much chillier wearing a skirt or dress than pants or shorts. Which is probably why many girls love sun dresses, but you still have to get used to the draft.

    I can't think of another reason besides more scenarios for wardrobe malfunctions, but I think it's a pretty basic list that most non-feminist girls who dislike dresses and skirts can relate too.

    • Thank you that's very helpful =)

  • I think some girls probably avoid dresses and skirts because a.) she's active and it's nearly impossibly to run and jump and play with the possibility of exposing private parts, b.) she's insecure about her legs/arms/anything exposed by a skirt of sleeveless dress, or c.) she just feels more comfortable in jeans/leggings/sweatpants. All girls are different when it comes to style, and we wear what we like. I personally only wear pants a few times a month because I love the flirty and pretty feeling that a dress/skirt makes me feel, but not every girl in the world feels that way in that article of clothing. It's personal choice, but lucky for you men who love women in dresses and skirts, spring is here and you'll be seeing a lot more leg. You're welcome. LOL

  • Personally I love wearing skirts and dresses, but there can be lots of reasons why a girl might not want to wear them. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of wearing them when the weather is cold for a number of reasons. For one thing, when it's cold out skirts and dresses don't always offer the most warmth and protection from the elements. Another, it's extra work to wear a dress, you have to make sure your legs are stubble free and moisturized because they don't look very attractive if your skin is all dry and flaky, and sometimes throwing on a pair of jeans/leggings/whatever is just easier. Stockings and pantyhose are ok to wear sometimes, but sometimes they're a hassle, because they can snag and run very easily, which isn't attractive. It's easier when you don't have to wear them.

    Pants or shorts are just easier sometimes because they're more comfortable and you can be more relaxed in them, you don't have to worry about bending over on your shopping trip and showing your goods to the whole world. And you always have to be so ladylike in skirts and dresses, which is sometimes a pain...sometimes you just wanna relax and be comfortable...which you can still do in jeans and a cute top.

    Oh & sometimes if you wear a dress or skirt to a bar guys take that as an invitation to grab you and take advantage of you...and of course by now we all should know what upshot pics are.

    I always like wearing dresses and skirts and I have a ton of 'em, but sometimes I just pants or shorts are just easier.

  • I love wearing skirts and dresses, especially when it's warm out and I can't be bothered wearing pants or shorts, haha. They're so comfortable, and also let me be lazy. :P I've been wearing them a lot lately, actually.

    Although, I don't like wearing them in the winter because it's usually so cold and depressing I can't be bothered. And I sometimes feel, like, overexposed wearing them at school.

  • I love dresses and skirts! I think they're way more comfortable than pants and look cuter. I don't wear them as much because if it's not spring/summer then it's too cold to have bare legs and when I wear a dress/skirt on just an ordinary day I have a ton of people asking why I'm so "dressed up." In the summer and when I go out on weekends I'm all about the skirts and dresses though :)

  • i love dresses ..and now that its spring ..you will see lots of girls wearing them .. I feel cute in dresses.

  • What are you talking about? I freakn love to wear skirts and dresses. It's probably what I wear the most. It makes me feel more attractive and feminine. Plus guys say that they really like them on me. I do however understand what you are saying. I've noticed it myself. I think girls are just turning more towards pants/shorts because they are more comfortable and easy to do things in. Very versatile I guess. I wish girls would wear more skirts and dresses too! It' pretty.

  • I think girls love to wear dresses and skirt more but they are uncomfortable and really have to watch out what they doing they can't run or jump or even set right while they're wearing them

    and let's face it pants and shorts are so comfortable and easy to move in

    you guys try it and Tell us how do you feel lol

    • I know, ill wear a scottish kilt sometime

    • Lol

  • lots of girls wear skirts & dresses.

    maybe those who don't don't think there cool.

  • WHAT?! what girl doesn't like to wear dresses?! dresses are more cute and sexy than skirts. I think skirts are slutty. well, that's only because I have an ass so it rides up. but other than that I LOOOVE LOVE DRESSES hahah.

  • I recently started wearing dresses. I've always loved dresses but I was self conscious of my body because dresses tend to be very revealing and I don't like my legs at all.


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  • Wait until you're in your 20's. Then girls fall in love with sun dresses. It's a wonderful thing.

  • ok say to me when I am wrong :

    Women do have allot of styles. I think you just met women how love jeans more than skirts that doesn't mean other women do not wear skirts.I noticed that age plays a role in this to . Women how are older feel more comfortable with a skirt or a dress. Of course not to forget the seasons are important I bet in this new season you will see more women wearing dresses and skirts. But of course like I said every women is unique so some women might feel comfortable in a skirt another not because she thinks her legs don't look good e.g . Anyways look better I think you are totally wrong saying that women do not wear skirts allot.

  • "why don't girls like to WEAR dresses and skirts?"

    Non-feminine and feminists don't. they feel like women have evolved from the "stay at home, wear dresses/skirts only" type look. though they may be right, they still have to understand that not all women feel the same way they do. many women love to wear them because it makes them look, and feel feminine and cute/pretty.

    also. tomboys such as girls who play fairly masculine sports and girls who listen to rock music will not wear them, its just not the fashion style in those areas.

    hope I helped

    btw. I prefer women who wear them. I like my girls to "be a guy" but still know that theyre a woman. basically...dress like a woman but act like a guy. :)

  • Anyone that wears a dress / skirt is a slut.