Why don't girls like to wear dresses and skirts?

okay, I absolutely love to see a girl in a dress, I think its so hot. why don't girls like dresses so much?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I love dresses :)

    It does seem like most girls don't wear dresses though, or at least the girls in high school which I'm guessing is about where you are seeing your under 18. Some girls are just more sporty and just don't like dresses personally, or it could be a confidence issue of not being comfortable with their body. They might think they don't have nice legs, or even just be a time issue of having to shave their legs haha. I've noticed many girls who have low self esteem prefer wearing jeans and jackets to be able to hide any "fat" they may or may not have. Also in high school girls feel like they are being judged on how they look everyday by everyone, including guys, because some guys have said they don't like "girly girls" they think that means dresses. So if you want girls you know to wear dresses more, try complimenting girls you know when they do wear them, whether its you look really cute today, or dresses are really good on you. They'll take notice, and if some girls wear them more often who knows, maybe their friends will to haha.

    Hope that clarified your dress questions :).