Are Some Girls Intimidated by Good-Looking Guys?

Good looking girls are usually swarmed with guys from all walks of life, but is it the same for good looking guys? Girls, when you see, work with, or know a guy that is good looking, do you feel uncomfortable talking to them because they are so good-looking. The reason I ask is because over time I have been told that I am really good-looking. However, whenever I am in a situation whether it be at school, a social event, or at work, just about all of the girls seem a little standoffish towards me (except more mature woman who are married or whatever and clearly have no agenda as far as other men). For instance, at the business where I work there are a lot of attractive girls (mainly receptionists) that a lot of the young guys there like to flirt with. I am quite reserved and formal at work, so I don't tend to flirt with anyone there. Don't get me wrong, when I see them and they make eye contact with me I will say something like "Hi, how are ya" and continue on my way (just normal behavior between anyone). But, some of the middle-aged woman that work there are always saying things to me like "oh your so cute" and like to get a little 'touchy feely" (even some of the guys do too. ew), but the girls my age don't do that at all. I am also fairly reserved in school and in most social situations.

Am I intimidating to girls? I want to know because I don't know why girls don't pay much attention to me.

ps. I'm not posting a pic just in case there are people on here that know me :) Thanks a lot and happy commenting!


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  • I am very intimidated by a gorgeous guy and I have never, ever approached a hot guy. Generally speaking, in my experience, most of the hot guys go for the beautiful, trophy girls (I am NOT saying all hot guys). I do not consider myself a trophy girl, I am just an average looking female. Therefore, I am not willing to risk guaranteed rejection but approaching a hottie.

    I agree with the previous post that you need to have positve body language. If you appear closed off to females then they will respond negatively to the vibes you give off. Try to make eye contact and flash a nice smile when you see a girl. Say, "Hi" and make yourself appear friendly and approachable. Obviously, based on the feedback you receive from females, you are an attractive guy. Now, all you have to do his capitalize on that and put off some good vibes.

    Best of luck.


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  • Oh yah definitely. Personally I'm not overly confident myself so talking to guys who are really good looking is definitely hard. Plus if I don't know them I usually assume they have complexes and well I always think why would he want to talk to me. I don't know. And plus I can always talk to guys who I'm not interested in yah know because I'm not worrying about impressing him. If its someone good looking I get nervous. But I know I probably shouldn't after all they're just people too.

    • Right. And the reality is (at least from experience) that a lot of those good looking guys have had very little experience with females because girls are usually so standoffish towards them, thus lowering their confidence level. The hot/cute guys are either players or genuinely good guys (thats clearly a generalization). The ones that seem really outgoing and flirty are players and the 'serious' ones are usually just shy, though they probably have fairly high-standards.

  • i'm sooooo intimidated by my boyfriends cousin, because the guy looks like a greek god, I don't think its possible for me tio say more than two words to him without turning red, so I avoid him...i don't know if you are but he is. and he would be the only man on the planet to do that to me so far

  • I am confident, so I don't feel the need to be intimidated by a good-looking man. If anything, I start flirting. Especially if I see him eyeing me!

    • Okay, would you be assertive enough to approach a guy like me who doesn't necessarily 'seem' like I want to have anything to do with you or any other girls, a shy guy?

    • Yeah, why not? Shy boys need attention too!

  • To answer your question, yes. If I see a guy that I think is "out of/above my league" then yes, I'm a bit intimidated.

    In your case, though, I wonder if it's because you're formal at work? (Projecting a serious image at work would reduce flirting with you.) But then you said it happens at school, too. Hmm... Maybe the combination of reserved and good-looking could make you appear stand-off-ish? I dunno, it's just a guess.

    Sorry - I hope that was of some help to you. :(

    • Its true, I am somewhat formal at work. I need to keep up appearances, meaning I can't flirt and socialize on a regular basis. I think you may be right-on as far as the combination of looks and demeanor. Thanks for your input.

  • Maybe they are intimidated but I haven't seen that. Maybe the reason girls your age don't approach you is because you're reserved. you're body language are you open? The girls may see you are attractive but then they also see you're reserved and that sometimes is mistaken for being stuck up. A lot of people think I'm mean, stuck-up shy at first because I'm reserved. Arms crossed, inward body language etc.

    • Its kind of weird. Like, I will be standing near reception talking to some guys I work with or clients in a completely normal way, smiling, etc. But then I sort of automatically just go back to what I was doing and I don't look at or say anything to any girl employees (ie receptionists or the like). When I think about it, maybe I do seem stuck up.

    • Try to be more open, see if there's a change, make more eye contact, don't cross your arms, smile more, that will make you approachable.

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  • I have the same problem. People tell me I'm really serious, and I feel like I give off negative vibes to women, when really I'm just reserved and everything.

    Few months ago I went on a blind date with a woman and she told my coworker that she was impressed with me, but I was really negative towards her. Not sure how, but that expalined why I felt she was being really standoffish and uninterested in me during the date.

    I think smiling and just having a really positive attitude is huge in terms of having women be more receptive. It can be hard though when you are shy/reserved, I know..

    • Yeah, being positive would probably help. I just hate the idea of 'acting' in a way that is 'not me'. I'm actually a really nice guy (most of the time haha), I just don't happen to show much emotion in my body language. Anyway, thanks for your input.