If a woman holds eye contact for a long time & not smile or flirt, is there a chance the woman is into me?

Last semester in college this insanely hot woman was in my class. She walked down the hall & comes in my direction & holds eye contact for about 10seconds but she wasn't smiling but she didn't seem to be turned off either. Then the next day I stare at her & she stares back & she had this look on... Show More

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  • Sometimes, a guy intrigues me so much that I can't even manage to smile when I see him. It's like all I wanna do is stare at him. lol. And I get so lost in him that I don't even know that he's looking back and that I should smile at him.

    I don't know if that's the case with this girl, but be cautious just cuz' she's in a relationship, adn she might just be a bixtch