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If a woman holds eye contact for a long time & not smile or flirt, is there a chance the woman is into me?

Last semester in college this insanely hot woman was in my class. She walked down the hall & comes in my direction & holds eye contact for about... Show More

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  • Sometimes, a guy intrigues me so much that I can't even manage to smile when I see him. It's like all I wanna do is stare at him. lol. And I get so lost in him that I don't even know that he's looking back and that I should smile at him.

    I don't know if that's the case with this girl, but be cautious just cuz' she's in a relationship, adn she might just be a bixtch

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  • yes cause I do that to guy's I like and itt always gets their attention cause they are fiiiiiiiiiiine lol so yea ask her out or maybe start by saying something to her first lol :)

  • lol yes

    eye contact is a form of flirting

    • I don't see eye contact as flirting. But I see winking as a clear sign of flirting.

    • It iz though

      if you dnt like sum1 y would you look @ them 4 along period of time

      n I would kno becuz that's what I do

      n I kno its a turn on and so does she lol

      do sumtn 2 sho ha that you like her

      n if she dnt like it well den o well on 2 da nxt 1 lol

What Guys Said 1

  • I honestley think you may be just reading to far in this, me and a girl that was in a class with me used to hold eyecontact everyday, I read into it and when her and I talked about it, it turned out she was not actually staring at me and wondered why I was staring at her, if she has a boyfreind and you don't really know her then it probally is nothing.

    • She was lying. got scared that you asked

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    • Why wouldn't she want you to know if she likes you? It doesn't make sense.

    • I'm guilty of this myself, even if I like a girl, I don't want her to know until I'm pretty sure she likes me too so it won't be ackward, I'm not sure about your situation but I'm getting mine figured out slowly, girls like when a guy is able to admit that he likes her so I'm kinda losening up a bit, I think that you probally should as well, but figure it out for yourself, after all, no one knows you better than yourself.

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