I got a girl pregnant and now she wants to keep it. I don't want her to have the kid though. What should I do?

I have been having sex with this girl here at the University of Texas at Austin regularly for about 2 months now since I met her at a party my Frat was having, and she just told me she is pregnant and that she wants to keep it. I'm 22 years old and I haven't even graduated college yet so I want her to get an abortion. I am willing to pay for it and everything. She isn't even my girlfriend. It was just a sex thing. I mean I wore a condom, but it broke. I thought I pulled out quick enough, but apparently not. If my Dad back home in Houston finds out I got a girl knocked up, he's gonna stop paying for my college, my apartment, all my living expenses, and my truck, as well as the fact I might not get a position in my Dad's company when I graduate. I get more than enough money from my Dad each month, so I can afford to pay for her to end the pregnancy, and I told her this, but she is adamant she is keeping the kid. I'm not ready to be a Dad yet, I mean I'm not even done with college. I'm screwed, I don't want this kid. I don't need to be told that I should of kept it in my boxers either. I'm just wondering how I can try and convince her of what I want her to do and to see my point of view, without actually sounding mean to her about it?

I even offered to take her down to Mexico so I could get her an abortion, that way it would be on the quiet, but again she refused. Nuevo Laredo is only a few hours away from Austin anyway. She claims I'm the only guy she's slept with lately. Again, I'm not ready to be a Dad yet OK...


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  • You grow up and be a man now

    It's not like you didn't know that each time you had sex, pregnancy could result... you live with the consequence now...for the next 20 years...because of 3 minutes of fun, hope you enjoyed it

    Isn't it funny how you never think about your dad, college, apartment, living expenses, truck before you skrew the random chick

    And now you know it's never "JUST a sex thing" you're playing with life

    Your point of view was shot to hell when your sperm shot to her ovaries

    As much as it is a womans choice to get an abortion it's just as much her choice NOT to get an abortion

    You have no idea what you are asking of her. For a woman an abortion is very traumatic especially for one that cares as much as this girl does. They get depressed, have immense feelings of guilt and can develop psychosis and there's also a very high rate of suicide among them. It also reduces their chances of falling pregnant again later on in life.

    She clearly doesn't want to risk all this, as it should be!

    And if your father sends you more than enough money every month than I would start saving to pay child support

    And quite the contrary I do believe you need to be told: KEEP IT IN UR F-ING PANTS!

    and get a paternity test when it comes out regardless

    Hate this all you want but truer words were never spoken