I’m pregnant which his child but am I okay to become unreachable to him until I give birth?

I’ve been with this guy. I will put my hands up and say he probably was not ready for a family life and his plan was not to settle down anytime soon but I got pregnant and I found out at 16 weeks. I’m not inhumane and I fell in love with this baby boy so I kept it and he was happy with it.

Recently he’s told me he does not want a relationship, he said in the future then he’d love us to be together and be a family but not right now. I said okay because fair enough he was never the guy to settle. He has a player past and had history. I think he was forcing the family life just for our babies sake. he's sleeping around and with other women so I obviously can’t even sleep with him myself because I’m pregnant and not risking g that

sometimes he will call me though and make sure I’m not seeing any other guy and has a lot of control on me, he will make sure I’m at home sat down by myself and not moving on. He even said in the future he will involve the son and ask my son if I’m seeing any other men apart from him. He will even make plans with me, make me get ready JUST so I’m there waiting on him for him not to show. It’s messed. Up. He also says how much he loves me.

I need distance. It’s the only way for me to heal, it’s the only way I get over things is by completely cutting them off. The baby isn’t due until novemeber so is it selfish of me to distance myself because I just can’t speak to him right now knowing he’s sleeping around etc. he does not seem bothered to see me anyway while I’m pregnant. Although he’s got a abusive past and even abused his ex while she was pregnant, I don’t think he takes losing control well, he also has threatened girls in the past

Is it okay if I distance myself to heal, am I being selfish since I’m carrying his baby and he’s gonna go crazy on me for not answering his calls and sitting at home? I feel salty and bitter being distant until our sons born but he’s literally told me he wants to mess around and dosent want me right now?

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Not unreachable but just distant
I’m pregnant which his child but am I okay to become unreachable to him until I give birth?
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