Any other girls ever been given a dreaded thong wedgie

So I was at school one day eating lunch when all of a sudden someone comes up behind me and gave me a wedgie while I was wearing a thong.

What made it worse/more embarrassing was that the cafeteria was packed so quite a lot of people got an EXCELLENT view of the black piece of string I'd been walking around with in my butt all day.

Any other girls have this embarrassing thing happen to them?


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  • My friends do this to me on a regular basis. It hurts like hell but hey at least the guys in your cafeteria say a thong as opposed to some nasty beige granny panties you could've been rocking because its the time of the month. If they were black or pink that makes it even better. And if that person that gave you the wedgie was someone you didn't know I HIGHLY suggest you knock that person out because that's disgusting and immature. If it was someone you know w.e its funny.painful.but funny.

    • Nice to see that someone else knows the pain(both figuratively and literally) of having that string pulled up into your butt.

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  • Ime in a guy but I was at the strore with my little sis an a guy who knew her from school decided to be funny and he got punched

  • I'm a guy and I've been wedgied in a thong, it's quite an experience to be sure.

  • Me and my wife do it to each other sometimes. It does hurt holey crap! Especially if it is a mens thong with less stretchy fabric. Ouch. And i am scared she is gunna break it. It is pretty mean. Lol. But fun for the person doing it. It doesn't hurt long.

  • I sometimes witness stuff like that. It turns me on to be honest.


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  • Haha, well yeah DUH.

    I've been shanked before, you know, where they pull your pants DOWN.

    in GYM.


    I feel for you.

  • wow nothing like that but at my sixteen birthday I went to the movies with my best friend and I was wearing a wrap around skirt. My skirt got caught in the car door when I closed it and I walked away from the car to the front door of the movie theater and I look down and saw I wasn't wearing my skirt no more. Worse of it all I two was wearing a thong and tons of people where laughing at me.

    • What makes that worse is that it's impossible to cover your butt up. Was it a more "decorative" thong(ie little charm on the back, one of those three strap thongs) because that would make it SOOOO much more embarrassing.

  • me and several of my friends have an ongoing thong wedgie war going on. If your thong shows around one of them you will get a wedgie.

    They tend to hurt like hell, you have to look past the embarassment though. Think about it, they are just underwear and 90% of the girls who seen you wear them too and the guys like anything.

    • Wow do you even have your "wedgie wars" at school too? Do you just give the thong a little tug to "let them know they've been caught" or do you go with a full out wedgie?

    • Yeah, no location is spared... As for the size of the wedgie, just depends on who and when, usually they are what I would classify as a full wedgie...