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Intense eye contact....Is this a sign of attraction, or could it mean something else?

If a guy has intense eye contact with a girl ALOT, like he stares at her, and looks her deep into the eyes. They lock their gaze for what seems like... Show More

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  • I find eye contact pretty important between me and a girl that I like. For one it shows that she might have interest in me as I do with her. I don't know if you would call it a "turn on" but it's something really nice when you see the girl that youve been looking at start looking at you too when you look at her.

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  • well when I am physically attracted I try to sneak in as much stare time as possible because she's enjoyable to look at

  • I'm a terrible starer, I lock eyes with people all the time...with me, it indicates a comfort level. It's someone I like, at least as a friend. Attraction? maybe maybe not.

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