Are women supposed to get rid of their sideburns?

Do girls usually do that?

Today I noticed that I have nasty sideburns lol. I don't know what to do. I've never noticed it before but now it is bothering me.

If the majority of girls do it, I guess I'm gonna have to do it too so also any tips on how to get rid of those?



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  • I would think that if you get rid of them, they grow back and look even worse. My friend shaves her side burns and you can tell that she shaves them, its like very dark stubble. For my thinner facial hair, like peach fuzz or something I use a remington facial hair pen. They have them anywhere for like 10 dollars and under. I've never used it on my sideburns, mostly cause I don't need to and I'm afraid that if I do, it's going to grow back looking worse lol.


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  • I would hope so.

  • The only hair I require of a girl to get rid of, is pubic, and facial. I don't want to kiss either, with all that air on it.

    Legs, arms/pits, stomach, back, feet. That's all a bonus to me.

  • I personally wouldn't date a girl with sideburns, as for getting rid of them I am a guy so I would say a razor. Although I know girls go about hair removal very differently.

    • no no no. QA DON'T use a razor. If you must remove them, use a depilatory or wax but NEVER EVER bring a razor near your face!

    • Im a guy and I shave with a razor every morning, sometimes even a second time after work. And I use a razor every time?

    • Girls skin and guys skin are different. Girls should never shave their face

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  • No its your choice I pluck a few that are too low or out of place I don't get rid of all of it because id be tired to keep doing it.if you wear your hair down its not as noticable

  • well, my hair is so long, my side burns kinda just blend into it as they are long also, I don't know any girl with short sideburns like men have.