Why do guys dump good girls?

I'm not trying to sound cocky but I would consider myself a great catch. I've got the whole good girl status. I would never cheat or do anything that I know would hurt the person I'm dating. I am far from boring...I'm the bubbly outgoing chick and it seems like everyone else notices but the guy you fall for. How can you one day treat a girl like she's the queen of the world and the next day its over? do you ever regret letting a good girl go?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I can't say I ever let a good girl go because I'm usually the one who gets dumped for the jerk or selfish guy who treats her like crap. (will never understand those girls but thier loss, not mine)

    Some people just don't realize what they have in front of them until its to late. While some just feel perhaps the person isn't right for them. None the less though I wouldn't try and fret to much cus in time you will find someone who will care and love you and knowing how things go, this is when those exs of yours will come back wishing they hadnt lost you.