Why do guys dump good girls?

I'm not trying to sound cocky but I would consider myself a great catch. I've got the whole good girl status. I would never cheat or do anything that I know would hurt the person I'm dating. I am far from boring...I'm the bubbly outgoing chick and it seems like everyone else notices but the guy you fall for. How can you one day treat a girl like she's the queen of the world and the next day its over? do you ever regret letting a good girl go?


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  • I can't say I ever let a good girl go because I'm usually the one who gets dumped for the jerk or selfish guy who treats her like crap. (will never understand those girls but thier loss, not mine)

    Some people just don't realize what they have in front of them until its to late. While some just feel perhaps the person isn't right for them. None the less though I wouldn't try and fret to much cus in time you will find someone who will care and love you and knowing how things go, this is when those exs of yours will come back wishing they hadnt lost you.


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  • its happens in the opposite direction also. ten days ago my girlfriend told me I was "too good to be true" and "how were you single" and another bunch of lines and a heard nothing from her last tuesday to friday and saturday night I went to hers to ask what was going on and she ended it. if I hadn't of seen her I don't think I'd ever of heard from her again... People are fickle and cruel. It really makes you lose faith

  • I'm guilty of this... The spark just went away really. If I can't feel someone I just dump them.

    I was younger back then tho, I have a good relation to most of the girls I dumped back in the day. :) And some of them I'd still consider a great catch on paper. But I'm still not interested in hooking up with them...

  • Most good guys don't dump good girls, plain and simple. From the scenario you posed, the only statement that might have a flaw is "How can...its over?" If a guy is treating you like a queen, then you had better be reciprocating the attention. I'm not accusing you of this; I am saying that this is an answer to that possible question.

    • I understand why you would think that but trust me, I treated him like a king. I gave him back massages after a long day at work (he does construction), I wouldn't freak out if he wanted to go out with his friends, I wasn't clingy, text him or call him once or twice a day. Everything was going great and then he went out of town for 2 weeks and when he came back he was a different person...two weeks later I'm single and don't know what happened!?! lol

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  • I just got dumped out of the blue a couple weeks ago and agonized over it, wondering what was going on. I knew I hadn't done anything wrong and it was all on him. Come to find out, he's about two steps away from becoming a junkie. Now I'm glad he pushed me away so suddenly. Sometimes these things happen for the best.

    • Were you together long out of interest? How suddenly did he do it? My ex did it to me, in the space of a few days we went from the norm to dumped over the phone and never seen again

    • We weren't together very long at all. We were pretty much just dating but we both seemed very serious about it... then I didn't see him for two days and then he broke up with me over the phone. I haven't seen or heard from him since.