Why would a guy dump his gorgeous girlfriend for a plain girl?

My best friend had her heart broken last week by her ex-boyfriend. I've basically spent the week with her trying to cheer her up. Later tonight we're all doing a girls night at the bars.

Anyway, we found he broke up with her for another girl a couple days ago. I suspect he was cheating, even though he says he wasn't. They work together, and he said he fell for her at work, and he had stopped loving my friend ages ago, so he finally decided to end it, and 'follow his heart' which makes me believe he is lying. Guys never use the phrase 'follow my heart' not unless it's a movie or a book. It has never happened in real life.

Anyway, his new girl friend is just a plain girl with brown hair and brown eyes, she rarely wears make up, and she doesn't wear a lot of dressy clothes, like skirts. I know her a little bit. We're from a small town, and she was two grades below us in High School. Her face isn't pretty at all. She is short, like 5'4 and isn't that thin. She's not fat but not like thin thin you know?

My best friend has black hair, blue eyes and she is very tall. 5'9 or 5'10. She is extremely pretty and even did modeling for fashion shows in High School. She is very skinny. Like only 105 or something. Give or take a few pounds. She's basically the perfect girl. I've always wanted to look like her, but I'm like the plain side as well. So I know how it works and how it doesn't. The pretty girl gets the guy, the not so pretty doesn't. It's the way it worked with us for years, since we were 12 and we had a crush on the same boy.

Anyway, her ex is hot. He's older, in his 30's and a decent man with a decent living. They (his new girlfriend) work at a really good job that makes good money. So a hot guy him should naturally want to be with my friend, not some ugly plain girl. (Again I'm an ugly plain girl so it's OK for me to insult her I insult myself all the time, lol. you know the saying if you can't laugh at yourself... lol) I just don't get it. The other girl doesn't deserve him.

What could he see in her that he doesn't see in my friend? I'm trying to cheer her up, but I'm running out of things to say. She is just so embarrassed that he would choose that ugo over HER. What do I say to her? And can anyone explain what happened? It's like the twilight zone.
Why would a guy dump his gorgeous girlfriend for a plain girl?
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