My girlfriend's ex stalking her for months! I'm being patient but I don't know what to do anymore? NEED ADVICE!

So the thing is: Her ex is mental, and obsessed with her.

They were together for 1 month. Nowadays, she feels sick when she remembers that he exists.

When she dated him, she was depressed and sad because her 1st boyfriend of 5 years cheated on her. And just after that, this guy appeared in her life, and let's say she used him (her own words!) Not right, I know!)

During therapy she recovered and she decided to be honest with him and tell him she didn't like him, and she even said sorry for playing with his feeling and 'using him'.

She was frank, and said she was with him only in order to feel better and recover from her 1st love that broke her heart. So, she just dumped him!

He said he would suicide. AND blackmailed her.

Then, his stupid friends called her to say he didn't show up at work and they were worried!

She called police and reported the situation, so they found out it was all a lie. The stalker asked his crazy friends to do it.

Since then, he's stalking her.

We met and we fell in love. She never hid it from me.

She's really honest, and also extremely beautiful and gorgeous! Caring, loyal, honest, great sense of humor...she's just perfect and we love each other!

The problem is: Even though we're already 6 months together and happy, this p**** is STILL stalking her!

I mean, he often calls. So, she often changes her number, but somehow he finds out her new number, and keeps stalking.

Also, she deleted her fb account.

She has a new email now, and surprisingly he found out it.

We think he hacked into her laptop.

It came to the point that she messaged her MOTHER saying his behavior, and that she reported him to police and all sort of mean things...

In order to get rid of him, she humiliated him and treated him like sh*t or even worse than that... BUT HE STILL DOESN'T STOP!

Well, he stopped for a while, and we thought he finally had moved on, but we were completely wrong, since he just sent her a message, that she showed me, and it says that: ''he doesn't know but he knows (lol) that they will be together again someday.

That everything that he wants happens (wtf he's mental)

He said that she changed his life, and made him a better person.

And he would change ALL his life for that month that they dated. And he's not sure on why she sent her mother a message, but he doesn't want to talk about it or anything about that happened!

He asks her to just be nice to him, because he really loves her and misses her, from his bottom heart! ( what the hell)

He even said to her to not send him an angry message, and just to try to be nice with him and to see what happens"!

Hell, she did the most horrible things to get rid of him, (and I also humiliated him- WAS NECESSARY), but he's still obsessed!

Our relationship's great and this whole thing never became a problem!

BUT WHAT CAN I DO HERE? I'm an adult, but I what I really want is to travel there just to beat him up! And I'm not even kidding!

Or should my girl and I just TRY to ignore him? Is it possible?
My girlfriend's ex stalking her for months! I'm being patient but I don't know what to do anymore? NEED ADVICE!
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