How do I know if he's stalking me? Do you think he is?

This guy I stopped talking to cause he was just bad news. My friends knew him and even said that he stalked his ex girlfriend. Well he did take a strong liking to me, but he would do some things that a stalker would do, but then he would back off, and everything was cool, so I didn't think anything of it.

He use to text me incessantly, always wanting to know where I was at, he called me non stop. He would say "I love you" a lot to me. He would say we are "Soulmates" and just always declared how much he liked and loved me. But he back off, and he hasn't contacted me, and he would contact me on and off.

Well this has been the longest I have been without speaking to him. I noticed he started to add my friends on Facebook, and he doesn't know them. Then when he was hanging with my friend and my friend told me that he was making fun of my 2 friends that I hang with all the time. But here's the thing my 2 friends that he was talking shit on don't have a Instagram or Facebook, they are completely out of the social media, so how would he know what they looked like? My other friend doesn't know them either he just knows their names, so it's not like he told him or picked them out on my FB. I have some pics of them on my Facebook, but I didn't say their names, so how would he still know it's them?

Also I remember he said to my mother that I like to go on "trips" like how does he know that? He hasn't been talking to me, but I don't know if he's stalking me? I can't tell cause like I said he hasn't been calling me, but there was a car in front of me, and he was in the backseat and he opened the back seat door and waved to me. That was a month ago, but still he was in a unfamiliar vehicle and everytime I talked to him he is just always saying "What are you doing?" or "Who are you with?" or "Where are you?" So what are the signs of a stalker? And does it sound like he's possibly stalking me?
How do I know if he's stalking me? Do you think he is?
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