Why is my ex mad that I have a new boyfriend after he was the one who broke up with me?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me so he could focus on school or whatever. Its been like three months since we broke up and I have a new boyfriend. [but I still really like my ex] And I changed my relationship status on facebook and my ex got mad at me and asked who I was with I told him just some guy and he got upset. I don't understand, my friend says he has a new girlfriend and has pics all over his MySpace but I refuse to look because I don't want to look because I feel like that's just stalking him. Why the hell is he f***ing mad at me!? He has a Girlfriend and he dumped me! sorry this is a lot to read but I need help please!


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  • I've been in the exact same situation so I can relate. It seems really confusing but it really isn't. He's upset that you were able to get over him and secretly he wants you to be pining over him for the rest of your life. He probably still does have feelings for you and being with someone else is making him jealous. The worst thing you can do is get back together with him. This is your chance to be strong, and leave him upset over what he lost. Getting back together with him will just let him know that he has the power in your relationship, to choose when he wants to pick you up or put you back on the shelf. It's the biggest problem that girls fall prey to.

    I really understand that you like him and I know how that feels. My ex from high school confronted me and started telling me I should stop dating the girl that I was with because "she wasn't any good for me", like she would know after she broke my heart.


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