Why do guys like good looking girls who are stuck up, full of themselves?

i,d like understand a few things because I am confused why do guys like girls who are very stuck up and full of themselves very bitchy go around thinking they special when they not then quiet shy genuine modesty who are plain looking with no ego girls who are who passed for super bitch who think they important when they not .

but these guys don't see them as super bitch I don't mean confident I mean extreme thoughts like I am goddess every man thinks I am beautiful looking that type of thing .

i know one girl I was talking to her she said to me he thinks I am beautiful looking she thinks it too she very snobby all because she added good looking guy who happen to her she was beautiful looking and perfect in every way she sort heavy with chubby face and you kept her and dumped the geuine plain looking for this girl .

nice guys yeah

no shallow and smart answer no military guy to answer me please I don't need any macho crap blow holing from mental impaired who think with crotch 24/7/364 days a year please thank you

just professional intelligent from intellect males and I want nothing macho d*** head who think they should dating supermodel those I don't want answering me
agoso you rather superbitch then nice girl .old saying I heard it always the quiet one .what happpen if find better guy and dumb you .since you guys love suoerifical selfish types

trust women like that do that if they find better they will do it


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  • I wouldn't go for a girl like that myself, I don't think being good looking is an excuse for treating people like sh*t and thinking that you're better than everybody else, but the reason a lot of guys let them get away with it is because they're very (physically) attractive. If you want to do better than these girls the answer is simple - you have to make yourself look more attractive and less "plain".

    • these guys fancy them rotten let them do what they like .guys like them are arrogant shallow a**holes as well may be there well matched . well this is ONLY IN TO LOOKS NOT MUCH ELSE SAD BUT TRUE ALMOST TRAGIC !

    • Plenty of girls are the exact same, they go after the best looking guys who are complete arseholes, ignore the less attractive ones who have much nicer personalities, and then complain how all men are arseholes (haha). That's just how attraction works, I'm sure if people could choose to be attracted to personality over looks they would, but attraction isn't a choice. For me, I won't put up with a girl's bullsh*t just because she's hot, but I can see why a lot of guys do.

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  • I was in love with the most down to earth earth, she was beautiful yet was extremely nice and caring to everybody. unfortunately, she met some people who kind of turned her into a different person, she went away to france and came back someone else. I waited for her, but she broke up with me 3 days after she got back. before that we dated for 3 years, yet all of a sudden, she stopped caring.

    • this was supoose behavior : section .yeah French people are very snobby I have know moody and stuck up she must got dose French culture

    • aww . I'm sorry :(

  • kind of the same reason why many girls go for jerks/a-holes who knows,

    i honestly don't always like that kinna stuck up girl sometimes I do though. part of the reason is men are normally drawn to narcicist women who are in love with themselves. we kinna want what we can't or shouldn't have...they pose more of a challenge and we like a challenge we wanna burst their bubble so to speak.

    this was all explained in a fascinating book I read called the art of seduction by robert greene he xplains it perfectly.

    • so you rather superbitch then nice girl .old saying I heard it always the quiet one .what happpen if find better guy and dumb you .since you guys love suoerifical selfish types

      trust women like that do that if they find better they will do it

    • no I normally like shy quiet chicks 90 percent of the time but the other times are if the girl was stuck up and into herself it was only because I found her physical appearance hot and thast it

  • They're honest and straight forward about who they are. This makes it easier for guys to connect with them.

    • yeah that's makes lots of sence so you like bitchy girls instead I don't think want girl can use then abuse them and dumb then that you choice .well I am she I hate guys who dirts bags no matter how good looking he is.its not straight it just annoying .so you like bitches god speed .its you look out

    • Have fun being you.

  • Not every guy does that, the type of girls you're telling me, I would never date not even give attention to them I kinda hate those kind of people which are so high ..

    • but there are guys out there who like those types they hate geuine type girls.women they don't like me I am not up my self at all I am shy very good people. this I know guy he seem to like bitchy stuck up girls who thinks there best thing slice pan

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    • to some guys looks and age are most important thing he doesn't care if bitchy stuck up mean self important thinks she good looking ONCE SHE IS HOT. personality means nothing once she easy target

    • We should look to girl only as sexually material, I put in first place emotional needs and love later the sex. Those guys are thinking only for sex from girls, anyway maybe they're doing alright I don't know.

  • They f*** girls like that and marry the others

    • oh OK. but keep those around any way there kind has has of those girls on line and I am decent girl I get no chance so where the likes of me stand then .

      decent person like me has no chance with guy the likes of them are give all attention all the time

    • i still don't like guys who these type of girls because the geuinr type end with nothing cold room and bowl of soup .i know to many guys who rather super bitch over genuine girl

      that they rather any girl at all but even super stuck up bitch as along as it not me

    • better off given up at stage of life I can forget it .i was told I was not wanted about million they rather any one but me its true any one but me even those type of girls just not me .i was meant to be lonely old woman there is nothing I can do about it not bloody thing. when I was school like 16 years old girl told no guy in right would bother with me she was that good long time ago and she was right all along .i am too innocent and stupid when to males who know ropes where I know nothing

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  • because they're GOOD LOOKING! pretty girls get a pass. most guys would take a pretty girl who thought she was the sh*t over a plain girl with low self esteem. that girl has 2 things working against her: she's plain, no ego (aka low self esteem and probably boring). instead of hating on the sidelines fix your looks so you can be pretty and confident too. sorry because pretty girls almost always win compared to the ugly duckling.

    • How sensible you are. ; - )

    • depend on taste too and preference too. I meet really good looking all he wanted and liked Russian women only he from Argentina I mean very very good looking he would make woman melt

    • This^..that is why you always hear guys griping about "Why don't the ATTRACTIVE girls like the good guys?" Not all guys are like that, but we have all seen these questions on here. There is no way they are going after someone who is introverted and may not be the most attractive girl. The bitchy girls have that confidence, and sense of entitlement. Then they hurt the guy and he is back to blaming girls again for his problems. Sad but true!

  • Because guys like women who can take them or leave them.

    Those women have an attitude that - they don't care if they break up...and they can do just fine single.


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