Why do guys like good looking girls who are stuck up, full of themselves?

i,d like understand a few things because I am confused why do guys like girls who are very stuck up and full of themselves very bitchy go around thinking they special when they not then quiet shy genuine modesty who are plain looking with no ego girls who are who passed for super bitch who think they important when they not .

but these guys don't see them as super bitch I don't mean confident I mean extreme thoughts like I am goddess every man thinks I am beautiful looking that type of thing .

i know one girl I was talking to her she said to me he thinks I am beautiful looking she thinks it too she very snobby all because she added good looking guy who happen to her she was beautiful looking and perfect in every way she sort heavy with chubby face and you kept her and dumped the geuine plain looking for this girl .

nice guys yeah

no shallow and smart answer no military guy to answer me please I don't need any macho crap blow holing from mental impaired who think with crotch 24/7/364 days a year please thank you

just professional intelligent from intellect males and I want nothing macho d*** head who think they should dating supermodel those I don't want answering me
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agoso you rather superbitch then nice girl .old saying I heard it always the quiet one .what happpen if find better guy and dumb you .since you guys love suoerifical selfish types

trust women like that do that if they find better they will do it
Why do guys like good looking girls who are stuck up, full of themselves?
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