Can you please describe your boyfriend or the guy you like?

I mean his personality or how he acts, not his appearance. Please list the good and bad.


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  • Okay, well there is this one guy who I've always had a soft spot and there is my boyfriend. I'll start with the boyfriend.

    The good:

    He's sweet. He offers to buy me things. He loves spending time with me. He has nice muscles. He has those brown puppy dog eyes. He likes to have a good joke. He is independant. He wants to get somewhere with his life. When he has kids he wants to provide a stable and comfortable life for them. He is currently at uni.

    The bad:

    He is to protective and domesticated over me. If there is another guy around he likes to protect his 'territory'. He tries to appear stronger than all the other guys, to show them up type thing. He needs hugs and kisses etc a lot, aka, he needs me to prove my affection to him constantly.

    Now to the guy I have a soft spot for.

    The good: He can look at me and make me melt (I've learnt how to hide it now though). He is great in bed. He knows EXACTLY what to do to get me going (without me showing him). He comes up with these random nicknames that are cute bute flirty. He is great at flirting. He knows how to make me smile and forget about the rest of the world. He isn't pushy and won't ever try to make me do anything I don't want to do. He is a laid back guy, that is always up for some fun and up for trying something new! Parents like him. He draws. He writes poetry and lyrics. He plays guitar. He is protective of me but not overbearing.

    The bad: He has played me (I've played him back now, karma is a bitch!). He knows how to play hard to get. He is fully capable of lying. If he knew how I felt about him he could get me on my knee's begging in an instant. He gets jealous even though we aren't dating.

    If your getting all of these answers to try and make yourself more desireable, just be yourself. If someone doesn't except yourself for you, bad points and good points, then why would you want to be with them anyway? Just a thought.

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      If you'd leave your boyfriend for another guy in an instant, why are you with him?

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      I did.