Why do I see so many cute girls with guys that seem to be total losers?

In asking this question I don't mean: Why do girls like jerks. I see this type of scenario often. Cute or even hot girls that are either dating, or hooking up with guys that are just total losers.

Here is what I mean by guys who are losers:

1. A guy who is over the age of 30, yet still lives with his parents, and is not taking care of a sick/elderly member of his family.

2. A guy who is over the age of 20, is not going to school, and yet has no job.

3. A guy who is over the age of 25 and has a job but his job is: flipping burgers at a burger joint, a newspaper route, or any other dead end job working for minimum wage.

4. A guy who #3 applies to and also has no career goals, no drive, no desire to be anything more, and no plans for his life in general, and is not rich due to winning the lottery, a law suit, ect.

5. A guy who has a criminal background and rap sheet far beyond traffic violations, and jay walking.

6. A guy who is no longer in the "collage years" and drinks or uses any drugs heavily,sells drugs, or wants to be a rock star, but is not in a band.

7. A guy who is in an active member in a gang.

8. A guy who has tattoos on either his face, or head.

The list could go on and on, but my point is what do women see in these guys, and are they not aware they could do much better? I can understand some things, for example if a girl was say 16-22 and dated a gang banger because of the fact that he is "bad" or maybe a little dangerous may seem exciting. Is it that these guys are lying about the real dirt on themselves? When the real truth comes out why do these women stay with these types? Is it just because the guy is fine for now, and the girl will move on when she is ready to get serious? If that is the case do women not see that getting involved with these types listed above usually put them in bad spots or at least the risk of bad things happening (by bad things I mean unwanted pregnancy or a S.T.D. Resulting form involving themselves with a dirt bag, or arrest from hanging out with their dope addict boyfriend ect.) Is it that women really believe they can "change" these wasteoids somehow? I'm 31 and remember a day not long ago if you had ram horns tattooed on your bald head not only would you be guaranteed to never get laid by any female who wasn't a prostitute, but you would be lucky to have a job! Do women not understand that once your dope head, looser boyfriend managed to convince you to "just let him put the tip in", and you now have 1 or more kids out of wedlock, an S.T.D., or got arrested for holding his pot while he was questioned by the police that any sane guy won't really want a serious relationship with you, and you are dooming yourself to having to date irresponsible losers? I see a lot of intelligent, attractive, well put together women, who seem to have social graces and great personalities with guys that are like the general type described here. Can someone please enlighten me about this phenomenon?
Why do I see so many cute girls with guys that seem to be total losers?
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