What's the difference between asking for space and a break?

I want to see what some the guys and especially girls think about the difference. From what I've learned, girls 4/5 times will be the one asking for the break or space (one common example; guy is comfortable and complacent with the available sex but doesn't put in the same effort as before, in turn... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Needing space is basically how you defined it...ur still in the relationship but there's less contact than before. All the rules of being in a relationship still apply ie: no sex or dating or any other behavior that wouldbe considered cheating is allowed.

    I've always considered a break to be the same as a break up but with the possibility it might not be permanent...not necessarily in the short or long term but in my opinion if its only for the short term then the people involved shouldnt have sex...dating would be fine but only as long as they can control the no sex rule

    hope I helped :)