The experts are right... treat a women like crap and she'll love you more!

OK first of all... this girl posted the above statement in her "details" and it threw me for whirl!

This is what’s wrong with Women these days (certainly not me!) They strive to feel even the smallest amount of affection from the male chauvinistic pigs that treat them like crap, & call them men/boyfriends/husbands… what have you… When they FINALLY get the attention or affection their “men” have been lacking to show… women indulge themselves in their own little world thinking their relationship will really work and that “these men” are actually coming around when from the start these “men” should have been showing that kind of affection/attention. I don’t think women realize that men are men and they are how they will always be… men don’t change… YOU can’t change them… if they are an ass to you from the beginning then they will forever be an ass… I mean OK if they are sarcastic then fine but there is a line between being an ass to be funny and get and keep your attention or being an ass for no reason… if they start to belittle you in the smallest ways… I PROMISE it will get worse… whether he beats you with words or uses his hands… its will eventually get there…. why women insist on allowing men to treat them like nothing, using and abusing them dumbfounds me… People NEVER stop learning so if you “teach” a GUY he can treat you like crap and keep you in arms reach he will continue to do it.. DUH! Nip it the butt! If he doesn’t like it he can split… The Nice guy always finishes last YES but the above is why… I don’t understand why women don’t go more for the good guy vs the mean one… don’t they see when you get a good one he treats you like the queen of his world not the scum the earth? Don’t they know what it’s like to be truly loved? What do they blame it on? I’ve heard people learn what love is from growing up… um.. maybe… but does that mean if you grew up with hugs and kisses that you will do the same to your kids or that if you grew up seeing your father beat your mother or vice versa that you will do the same? Um… no… you LET people treat you the way they treat you… and love the way you wanna love…

What are your thoughts… and no I’m not a scorned female by any means… just tired of women allowing themselves to be treated this way and then look for sympathy.


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  • My thoughts?

    My thoughts are represented in this graph I drew a second ago.


    (In economics, the marginal utility ((in this case, I called it usefulness)) of a good or service is -the utility gained (or lost) from an increase (or decrease) in the consumption of that good or service-. )

    Apparently girls seem to have a motivational drive for gaining a guy's attention they find interesting. They'll do whatever the hell and everything, and centralize their thoughts, becoming obsessed with the guy and getting to their goal. This is indicated by the first dotted line - by giving only a slight of attention, she'll be happier to have it than if you gave her lots. And you must go over this limit sometimes to keep her interested.

    It's a damn messed up mindgame, really. But it has to be played, or you will lose. -.-

    The second dotted line shows the end of the friend zone, by the way. If you show more attention than she wants, then she'll feel threatened or forced, and will attempt to avoid you completely. Hence the giant fall in marginal utility.

    This is my current theory anyways - and also that many girls seem to believe that the frustration that motivates them to get the guy's attention and affection is LOVE itself! Therefore, the moment the guy shows any affection, she has reached her goal, and she "loses her feelings".

    Yeah, people are basically that stupid. It's ridiculous.

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      Ok, I have to say I love you for applying an economic principle to this, as I am an economics student. For me the friend zone doesn't exist. Give me too much attention though, and I'm thinking you want to fit me with a GPS locator or you just want in my pants. The last paragraph - sounds like you're dealing with some emotionally immature women. People don't "lose feelings," like their brain has a hole in it. That is stupid, indeed.

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      Thanks :) I love economics' representation of the motive behind human actions - a constant evaluation for NPV at each given situation and maximalizing value... It makes perfect sense.

      Truly, the friend zone seems to exist in case the girl is either not initially attracted or if you have some sort of unacceptable flaw that basically "turns her off", or just gets uninterested. It's strange, really.

      There are girls out there, many, who "lose their feelings", say "the flame is gone, I'm leaving".