Why are girls so hard to talk to?

I feel like girls in general try and make it hard for guys to talk to them. I just want to know because I always want to talk to girls but then when I see one I like I start worrying and don't talk to her because I am afraid she will not like me.


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  • Seriously I wish I knew, it's like we have to have perfect social skills in order for a girl to be receptive to us, even if we are just being ourselves, that does not always work. Girls can use almost any opening line to break the ice and start a conversation with a guy, us guys have to come up with something creative, original. In reality, it is much more difficult for a man to meet a woman than it is for a woman to meet a man, women are able to approach men and are also able to wait to be asked out. Men can not wait and rely on women to approach and ask for the date because men WILL NEVER BE ASKED OUT, or at least very rarely, because I've heard in some cases the gender roles are reversed, but still it is very rare. Men have to do everything in order to get anything with a Woman, sadly. When a man gets rejected he has to shrug it off and his friends would tell him to “be a man”. On the other hand, if a woman gets rejected, she would most likely take it as a personal insult on her inner child and her friends will comfort her. I'm not saying I would cry after being rejected or emotionally traumatized, like I wouldn't go to my friends so they could cheer me up, because I am not that childish. A woman is automatically accepted by society as a woman; whereas men have to prove themselves at every turn. A shy woman WILL get asked out without having to over come it. Men have to work more on themselves than women do. Men must have confidence, real self confidence, that is not based solely on how they look, but rather understanding and acknowledging their self worth in order to approach. Building up this type of confidence takes time and understanding. See all the work us Men have to do? It is unfair, but at least we don't have to deal with pregnancy and childbirth, but nowadays with the birth control pill or abortions, it seems that women are sometimes able to avoid even that.

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      Whats interesting is that women don't have to put even half the effort compared to men and they have every possible advantage in the singles life, or in dating and relationships, and yet they still believe that they have it harder.