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More Painful: Kicked in the balls or getting hit in the boobs?

I've heard that when a girl gets hit in the boobs it hurts her as much as when guys get kicked in the nuts. I want to hear what you guys think would... Show More

  • Vote A Kicked in the nuts for guys is more painful
  • Vote B Hit in the boobs for girls is more painful
no nudity but involves breasts. kinda scares me

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  • but child birth is more painful than getting hit in the nuts:)

    • 3mo

      It depends how hard you get kicked if hit hard enough a hit to the nuts can pass up a child birth

What Girls Said 9

  • I've been hit and yeah it hurts but I don't think it hurts has bad has being kicked in the nuts. I've seen a few guys being kicked and you can feel the pain by the way they're faces look!

    • A lot of guys over react or just put it on for show. it was that painful there would not be somany females still getting raped after she kicked him in the balls

    • they are over reacting its about the same

  • gettin hit in the boobs is like gettin hit in the arm its not what you guys like lol. I think gettin kicked in the balls is the equivalent to a girls cramps to be completely honest lol

    • boobs hurt almost as much but a kick to the groin hurts male and female equally

  • im no guy.

    but I say gettin kicked in the nuts hurt more.

    you never really see a girl fall to the ground crying when they get hit in the boob lol

  • I think boobs hurt way more because us girls have to feed babies

  • I"ve been hit in the boobs and it's not even that bad. I can FEEL the pain if I see a guy who got kicked in the nuts so I don't think it even comes close. Maybe childbirth is similar lol

    • they are the same the boobs and nuts

    • 3mo

      Well the only way to tell is if you looked at it through a scientific stand point and guys have much more pain receptors on their testicles than girls do their chest and a kick to the nuts can cause a guy to be infertile so we evolved so we would have to protect them and it also depends on how hard the kick is

  • I've been hit in the boobs on many occasions and I can say from my experience that it doesn't hurt too bad. Don't get me wrong, it hurts but not as bad as getting hit in the nuts. I can't even think about how painful that has to be.

    • it dose not hurt that bad and I have been kicked in the nuts many times

  • Getting hit in the boobs hurts for like 1 minute, but I kicked a guy in the balls(he was tryin to french kiss me, that's just gross), he later told me it hurt for a day and a half

  • I've got a big rack and have been hit both there and between the legs, and getting kneed between the legs was WAY more painful than being hit in the chest, I wonder if the pain is about the same for guys and girls when getting hit down below?

    • No, it's pretty much accepted fact that it hurts more for guys.

    • yes it is

What Guys Said 8

  • I've never seen a girl be completely incapacitated by an impact to the boobs, but I HAVE seen guys get completely incapacitated by impacts to the balls. Hell, I HAVE been incapacitated that way!

    • Then why are girls still being able to be raped after kicking a guy in the nuts. its over rated

    • i have never seen a guy incapactated from a nut shot. it ussallly makes them madder. but I have seen girls completely incapacitated from a boob shot or crotch shot

  • Any of the Hermaphrodite users online want to take this one for us?

  • maybe they hurt the same

    • I agree. its just that hitting in the boob can not effect having kids but it can collaspe a lung

    • first smart answer I have read

  • Hell, I'm not girl. But I guarantee that being kicked in the balls is far worse than being hit in the boob.

  • Are you crazy? I'm a martial artist and I've been hit in the face before (black eyes, cracked lips, etc) before and that didn't hurt even a fraction of how much getting hit in the nuts hurts (I got kneed in the nuts last night while sparring, and its still sore now).

  • Defintely hit in the nuts. You know you got hit hard when you start to puke. Your kidneys are about to explode. Girls can't even think of the pain we have when that happens.

    • anthor one with a ball busting fetish dose not hurt that bad

  • I think it should be getting kicked in the balls or giving birth. I've never seen a woman go to the ground and hold her boobs for 10 minutes because she got punched there. Sure it hurts, but there are a lot more nerves in a guys balls then in a girls boob. Boobs are sacks of fat while balls are sacks of nerves.

    • i have seen a girl do that. I have never seen a guy do that unless he was in a movie and the script said he had to

  • Measuring pain between two genders is impossible, especially because I don't think I've ever seen a girl get hit in the breasts. I can say though, the same amount of painless pressure against a breast applied to a testicle could cause immense pain to the owner of the testicle. It doesn't take much for balls to hurt.

    • or breast or vag to have immence pain

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