A Coffee Lovers' Guide to Coffee Heaven <3

Hello everyone! :)

As you may all know my love for coffee is indescribable! No words can ever depict. It’s literally a drink from the gods for me hehe I cannot start my morning without a good cup of coffee in my hands! It also helps me relax. The aroma the taste, it’s all so comforting for me. People have specific habits, stuffed toys, a four leaf clover etc.. I have my cup of coffee (*^_^*)

A Coffee Lovers' Guide to Coffee Heaven <3

I’m just going to give you a run down on the different types of coffee. I suggest getting comfy before we even begin hehe :P

Hot coffee:

Espresso- Espresso is served in small demitasse-style cup. Not generally the roast of the coffee beans, but the way it’s prepared. Blended with several roast of coffee beans, grounded, tamped, the high pressured water is then forced to extract all the flavour from the coffee beans into the small demitasse-style cup, its unique taste is bold and potent, when served alone.

Americano- A watered down version of an Espresso

Ristretto- ¾ ounces (22ml) of a single espresso shot

Doppio-A double shot of an espresso using the two portafilters (which is the part to the coffee machine where coffee is held in and tamped with prior the brewing process) 2 ounces (60ml)

Macchiato-A shot of Espresso with a layer of milk froth

Con Panna-A shot of Espresso with a layer of whipped cream

Cappuccino- A shot of Espresso with lots of steamed milk and a little of milk froth. Garnished with chocolate sprinkles

Dry Cappuccino-A shot of Espresso with less steamed milk and a lot more milk froth.With chocolate sprinkles.

Flat white- A shot of Espresso with steamed milk

Irish- A shot of Espresso with a dash of Irish whisky served with cream on top

Latte-Like the Flat white, it contains more milk then Espresso

Mocha-Like the Latte, chocolate mixture is added before the brewing process

Marocchino- Served in a small glass, it is one shot of Espresso, cocoa powder and milk froth

Vienna Coffee-Two shots of Espresso. Using whipped cream to infuse the Espresso together. Fill up to the brim of a standard size cup of coffee.

There are different types of Ice Coffee out there too. Which is basically the cold version of the hot coffee’s I described above. It’s better to pre-make ice coffee cubes (using ice cube trays) to prevent normal ice cubes from diluting the coffee and ruining/weakening the taste.

So there you have it! The different types of coffee out there. If you know any that you would like to give an honourable mention to, please comment down below! Or if your favourite is already mentioned above, comment down below and tell us why it’s your favourite!

Thanks for reading :D

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Most Helpful Guy

  • This is a very good guide bravo, unfortunately these coffee's the ones with chocolate and sugar and all that in em are also why people think coffee is unhealthy for you.

    So I will take mine as I always have black, two leveled spoonfuls of sugar.

    A good take none the less though.

    • Mm an Espresso alone (a single shot) or a Doppio (double shot) is probably your choice of coffee. Shots measures the strength of the coffee, so double shot is double the strength. Sugar is totally up to you and no milk involved :) and thank you

Most Helpful Girl

  • Nice list, I've made and tried them all, most customers/ drinkers steer towards the sweeter end of the espresso drink spectrum. I like the coffee taste itself in either espresso or coffee drinks.

    You forgot one that a lot of Americano drinkers opt for once in a while. One of my favorites too.

    The Shot In The Dark or Eye Opener depending where ordered, it's a 8 - 10 oz. cup of American Drip brewed Coffee with at least a Shot of Espresso. When mixed with a bold dark roasted coffee it is a rich decadent pure coffee drink which tempers the bitterness of the espresso!


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  • You're quite welcome, and I'm a fan of the triple expresso since I get odd looks when I try to order a quad- or penta-expresso! But it's like an AM shot! It may not make people look better (like a shot of alcohol, generally reserved for the evening) but get's you mind a kick-start and allows one to come to terms with the morning's residue found on the inner surface of one's head! And think normal thoughts once again!

    • For the love of coffee! If it needs to be in it, it's a must in that case

  • I have only had it once, but Turkish coffee was AMAZING.
    And I'm pretty sure the guy didn't even make it right!

    • Haha that's even worst! A guy that probably didn't make it right 🙈

    • from what I read, no, he made it wrong... but like I said, it still tasted great. I enjoyed it.

    • HAHA that's ok!

  • I love coffee very much and I prefer dutch coffee

  • I don't drink coffee- hate the taste myself- but that last Kirby one is amazing :D

  • Great Take, but what about Mochaccino? Is that some kind of combination between Mocha and Cappuccino?

  • Eww, coffee. Just eww.

  • coffee. black. ty.

  • Where's the Vietnamese coffee? D;
    I had some today and it was amazing!

    • I swear I was going to add that, but as soon as I press submit, I totally remember.. I'm just like ARGHHH FUCKKK?

      All hail Vietnamese ice coffee!
      static1.squarespace.com/.../...ese-iced-coffee.jpg ARGHH! so yumm, I think I'll buy some after work even though it's freaking pouring down rain today lol


      Is it normal to rain during this time of year in Australia? I always imagined it to be sunny year round.

    • It's normal farty lol

  • That first pic is epic.

    • Haha I thought so too! It was mytake worthy lol I'm just interested in finding out how long it took to get that 🙃

  • Where's Greek Ice Coffee (aka frappe)?


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