Easy Recipe Ideas That Are Filling

Are you all grownup but your parents or guardians never taught you or showed you how to cook? Were you one of those kids who never had a cooking lesson in grade school, or did you never really understand the cooking shows on TV? Well, here's the guide for you! The guide to easy recipes that are filling and great for dinners, lunches, and breakfasts!

Easy Recipe Ideas That Are Filling

Start your day with a bowl of rice porridge. To make the porridge, you have to wash the rice. Then, you put regular white rice and water in a pot at a 1:8 cup ratio (thick), 1:10 cup ratio (medium), or a 1:13 cup ratio (thin or watery). Make sure that you do not overflow the container. A safe upper limit should be a little more than half the size of the pot. So, if you use 4 cups of water, then you should use .5 cups rice for a nice thick texture. Account for fluid displacement. Wait until the water boils. Enjoy. For some flavor, you may want to add some reheated leftover meat, vegetables, or fresh fruit on your bowl.

At lunch, you may eat a bowl of white rice with meat and vegetables. The rice, meat, and vegetables are just dinner leftovers from the day before. So, let's talk about dinner!

For the dinner course, you may have stir-fried eggs and tomatoes, served on top of rice. Serve the rice and savory dishes separately. In case you are serving two or more people, you should have one container with cooked rice and two to four savory dishes of meat and vegetables. Place the savory dishes at the center of the table. Have public utensils for grabbing the food from the dishes into your little rice bowl.

Another idea is green beans and garlic. Just stir-fry green beans and garlic together, and you've got an instant dish!

You may also try bok choy and tofu. If you don't have bok choy, then use spinach or arugula instead. If you don't like tofu or are allergic to soy products, then use a different plant-based protein instead, like beans or mushrooms.

All the dishes are stir-fried. So, you just need a pan and spatula to cook them.

Hope you like these dishes!


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  • These are definitely some good beginning cooking tips right here, can't wait for the next addition. :)


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  • Rice porridge (called "lugaw" here in PH) is my favorite ✨

    • Where is PH?

    • Oh I'm sorry. It's just a shortcut for the Philippines. I'm used to type it like that

    • LOL. The other pH is power of Hydrogen.

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  • Just get sachets of Colemans and follow the instructions


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