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What does he mean when he says I am special to him?

Okay I've talked about this guy before. Once before we couldn't stand each other. He would p*ss me off and then I would p*ss him off. And now that... Show More

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  • Guys generally mean what they say.

    When he says he likes you, he means he likes you.

    When he says, I don't know he means he has no idea how to put his emotions into words.

    Guys really aren't complicated!

    • Are you sure you guys aren't really complicated at all I think you guys are just a little bit.

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    • Okay oh and this guy never called it FWB. He always said I was a close friend back in the day. I mean seriously what kind of guy is that. Who tells me I'm special and respects and cares for me. And says only for you. I mean seriously what does that say.

    • It says.. wait let me rephrase that.

      It SCREAMS that he likes you.

  • I think he still wants to be with you? *shrugs*

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