What does he mean when he says I am special to him?

Okay I've talked about this guy before. Once before we couldn't stand each other. He would p*ss me off and then I would p*ss him off. And now that we are getting along again since the group of friends is no longer at the college. any way he is always telling I am special to him and I ask him what makes me so special and he replies with I don't know. I mean I like him a little bit and he says he is happy for that much.He also tells me that he still does like me. We dated once before and it was magical being his girlfriend,


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  • I think he still wants to be with you? *shrugs*

  • Guys generally mean what they say.

    When he says he likes you, he means he likes you.

    When he says, I don't know he means he has no idea how to put his emotions into words.

    Guys really aren't complicated!

    • It says.. wait let me rephrase that.

      It SCREAMS that he likes you.

    • Okay oh and this guy never called it FWB. He always said I was a close friend back in the day. I mean seriously what kind of guy is that. Who tells me I'm special and respects and cares for me. And says only for you. I mean seriously what does that say.

    • I'm fairly sure, yes.

      If we seem complicated its because we have comflicting emotions/thoughts which prevent us from taking the path we want to take and do/say what we want to do.(fear/embarassment/...)

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