Take it slow... let things happen naturally... what does it mean?

After several dates he stopped contacting me and I asked if he was still interested and if he was not I don't mind being just friends. He said he was still interested and he likes me, still wanted to see me, I'm special, I'm one of a handful people he trusts and he just wanted to take it slow and wanted things to happen naturally...
But he just didn't contact me like before any more but still replied my texts right away.
I'm fine with SLOW but it doesn't mean NOT to hang out for two weeks right? So I can't stop thinking that was his polite way to say'I am not interested'...
What does it mean when somebody says 'I want to take it slow'? And how?
BTW, He is 35.


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  • probably he is insecure, thinks you are out of reach, doesn't know how to act around women.
    maybe he wants to find out how much he means for you or maybe he's waiting for you to take the initiative.

    Taking it slow in my personal opinion is getting to know eachother better before getting into any kind of relationship, he probably had bad experiences in the past because he went into a relationship to quickly.

    Invite him over for dinner. Talk, eat, have a glass of wine (this will loosen him up verbally) use subtile questions to find out how he feels.

    Good Luck

    • Thanks. I did invite him to hang out once after he stopped asking me out. He was like:I got plans but were you planning on doing something in particular? which sounded kind of cold so I just didn't have enough courage to write him back... have no idea what to to...><

    • 10 seconds of extreme courage can be enough to achieve any goal :) go for it
      I'm sure it'll work out

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  • A 35 guy is mature enough to exactly say what is in his mind so you can trust what he said. Its good if he wants to move slow and don't rush maybe its a sign that shows he is serious about this relationship and wants time to think better.

    • Ah... really... but we haven't seen each other for two weeks. I have so much to talk to him but his reply just hurt me so much so I threw him a harsh text:Do whatever you want... I think I should call him next month... at least to say sorry? Don't know... but thanks !!!

    • @Asker OMG 2 weeks is too long he should spend much more times with you to listen what you want and what are your needs.

  • Take it slow in my opinion means he doesn't know what he wants as farvasva relationship. I am going through the same crap... freakin sucks

  • Means he is looking for a wife and wants to find out if you are the right girl.

    • Maybe... seems like he doesn't want to spend time with me any more so I think that might be his final decision...

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  • Maybe he wants to take his time to know you a little better before anything else. Doesn't actually means he is not interested anymore. Time will tell.

  • I think he's not interested in you, not just takin it slow

    • Thanks. What is he waiting for? Not to hang out for 3 weeks is too slow... ><

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