What does it mean when a girl wants to take things slow?

I been seeing this girl for about a month and everything is going awesome. We've been having sex daily, spend all our time together, we have fun together and she texts me during the day from work or when she's out of town with the sweetest things such as:

"I miss you"

"I miss being with you, can't wait to come home and see you"

"You always make me smile and put me in a good mood"

"I wasn't this happy the whole time I was married"

"I love the fact you're so sweet and honest and I can be myself around you"

"You're such an awesome guy, you make me so happy"

The other night I finally got the nerve to confess my real feelings for her and I'm scared I freaked her out.

I apologized for putting her on the spot and coming on to strong and she replied:

"K hun, it doesn't bother me. I just want to tell you I do like you, I just want to take things slow and go on from there."

What does take things slow mean? Seriously..if she wanted to take things slow we wouldn't be having sex day in and day out or spending all our free time together.Does she mean slow as in working towards a relationship?

I'm really confused


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  • There was obviously a sexual attraction between you too, hence the sex everyday. You are correct the daily sex may be missleading. When she says that she wants to take it slow, she means as a relationship wise. She does not want to dive right into a relationship. I understand the confusion because physically, you both jumped in head first. She wants to take it slow as she is probably scared of being hurt. If you respect her wishes and truly want to attempt a relationship you will take things slow.

    You can never know an answer to a question without asking. She will be able to answer your question the best. Ask her to explain what she means by taking things slow.

    • Thanks, you kind of helped clear things up for me..i think I was thinking that she had lost interest in me or that she didn't like me.

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  • Hello,

    Well lets see how I can set the record strait.. better late than never..

    Ok first thing I need to do is explain where you went wrong, 1st you progressed into a sexual relationship WAY to fast, the problem with doing that is this.. sex drives a mans interest level through the roof. especialy when its with a woman he's been seeing for any lengh of time, this is why its ALWAYS importent to make sure you get around 2 months of DATING in BEFORE you have sex, the reason for this is to assess HER INTEREST LEVEL IN YOU.. this is ALL IMPORTANT.. I don't care how much you love this women if her interest in you isn't higher.. your in big trouble..

    Now your 2nd mistake was you spent WAY to much time with her, something you need to understand is that women respond to men who are a challange, by spending every day with her and haveing sex you basicaly gave away all your challange.. woman enjoy mystry and like things to go slowly at a pase they set, don't get me wrong as the man your the agressor HOWEVER all that means is its for you to CALL her and arrange a DATE, you need to organise the date and if you have transport take her to and from the venue.. so how does she set the speed you ask.. well when she is ready for things to move allow her to be the agressor for a moment, if she moves to quick.. ie you get the impression she wants to invite you to hers after a date, head her off and explain you need to be someware else.. that way you allow more time for her interest in you to go up..

    Now your other mistake, you told her how you felt, Why would you do this.. has she told you how she feels about you yet? if she hasn't then you keep your feelings about her to yourself. that way you avoid these kinds of situations.. again as mentioned above.. ALLOW HER TO COME TO YOU.. if she feels strongly about you then she will tell you.. DONT SAY A THING TO HER BEFORE THIS MOMENT.. becouse as you found out she only "likes" you.. which translated means she likes you but not as much as you like her and so she isn't to sure about things with you anymore.

    Ok now allow me to explain what "going slow" is, it basicaly means you allow her to come to you, you keep comunication with her to 1 call a week ONLY to arrange a date. you meet up for 2 hours MAX and you maintain this for the forst 2 months.. its ONLY at this point if SHE makes the move you move the relationship to a more physlcal level, but remember the more of yourself you can hold back the more interested in you she will be, and the LONGER and funnier you can do this the more stable her high interest will be..

    whats happened in this situation in recap is things went to fast, you gave up all your challange and when you confessed your feelings she realised that you want her more then she likes you and as a result she's having to reavaluate the relationship by asking for what she really wanted all along, somthing slow and relaxed..

    Good Luck


    • Sounds like things were going perfect. I'm a little confused. if she was texting you these messages how were you responding in the past with out letting on how you felt? I think her saying lets take it slow was just her putting up her guard up a bit, not necessarily losing interest. I probably wouldn't have mentioned my interest if she was already showing this much interest in you. But I guess you did want to get it of your chest. Don't worry about it to much man.

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